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Me too and something new.

In advertising, there is something called a 'ME TOO' ad.  It's when you're not selling a unique quality or super-feature or price point, but you are pretty much just saying, hey, yeah, we do that, too.  It is not highly effective, nor is it terribly engaging.

And that is pretty much how I feel about posting this top I made for Fidget yesterday.  (Because Erin, Sarah, Kirsten and Candace have already posted their adorable versions. As well as a couple others I probably haven't seen yet... )

smocked top

Yes, it is smocked with elastic thread.  That thread is a pretty remarkable and wondrous thing I never should have feared.  I bought the thread a year ago and was always too chicken to use it.  Um, hardly worth the worry. 

I got Heather Ross' Weekend Sewing book for my birthday a few weeks ago, read though her instructions, and just kind of threw the top together in about an hour.  I used stash fabric that didn't especially love, since it was an experiment. There wasn't even enough for it to be dress-length, so it's tunic-y.  Now that it is done, I do like it very much.  Funny how that happens. 

I have lots of ideas for this thread.  It opens up a whole bunch of possibilities... Yes...Me, Too.


Like the red door?  It's part of the whole Exterior House Paint Job of 2009.  We are now the Gray  House with the White Trim and the Bright Red Door. I love it.  The red (SW Radish) turned out a little too bright and hubs is ready to slather on another coat of a deeper color, because he thinks it looks a little too pink.  It totally goes with the impatiens though.

I chould even change the blog to 'Pink Front Door'.  Oh, the possibilities. 



I love the red door! I want one... but I have a red house... maybe green then?


I've had the elastic thread for a year now too and that same fabric for just as long. I may go just a little further with the "me too" game and make one for my girl that is exactly like yours. It just makes that fabric look so good!


I love bright front doors!


the top is really cute. I like the red door too. I have one - but I don't like it. hmmm, why is that?

Sarah Jackson

adorable! both the tunic and the door. I want a red door.

Oh elastic thread, how I love thee.


darling in that fabric!


I've always told my husband I want a red door. Love it.
And that's EXACTLY what I was picturing when we talked about elastic thread a while back. Love what you did! And thanks for the confidence. I won't fear it anymore either.

Alicia A.

We're doing our door red too! We'll be the light grey house with the red door...

You know you could always mix up a dark brown with some glaze and give it a little rub to darken it up.


Chris I love the house! It's beautiful! Tell Hubs to keep his hands off the paint brush. It's perfect like it is!


I love the new colors on the house. My husband and I are always drawn to the gray house/white trim look. It looks great!

UK lass in US

I think that tunic is so sweet. I think I'm still too scared to attempt elastic thread, though. An hour? Really?


Oh, I love your new house color and your red door! We have a light gray house with dark gray trim and white trim. We are currently getting estimates on painting our house.


The tunic looks great. I've never tried elastic thread, but now I may have to buy some - I'm even going to be off the island this weekend so I stop at the store.

P.S. I love the door too.


The dress is adorable. I think I might copy your house. We have brick with lots of gray, and for some reason, painting the house gray never crossed my mind. We've been talking about painting the house for 5 years now.


I think I 'need' that book, don't I??!!
I always love your projects - thanks for sharing!

mary smith

Love the dress and the door. The dress will look so cute on Fidget. I'm always amazed by the things you sew. I keep thinking about your baby on his or her way, how exciting!


I love this little dress!!! And the door is "shining"!!! I can't wait to see your next project :-)


Well, #1 I have not seen any of "their" versions and I love yours, smocking in-itself is a highly skilled thing I think, so I admire your skill 100%. The little dress is perfectly lovely. I also LOVE the front door. I have a red screen that matches my bench on my porch. The screen is only present a few months of the year and it just makes me soooo happy. I LOVE your door, excellent choice:) Happy rest of the weekend to you Chris.


Me too! I think it is all fabulous.

Although a switch of blog name....


i love the door and the dress. i may have to give the elastic thread a try!

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