so wonderful I didn't even mind.
grays and whites and purples and blues....

hodge podge monday. with flowers.

I did promise no more crab apple blossom photos.

I didn't say a thing about lilacs.

finally blooming... our first year.

Last year we planted three tiny lilac shrubs on the east side of our house, right next to our driveway.  There has never been anything planted there except our a/c unit which, as you might imagine, is way more functional than it is attractive.  The idea with these fast-growing plants is that we'll have some early spring color and then full lush landscaping the rest of the summer, camouflaging the otherwise stark and utilitarian side of the house.

Last year when we planted them they hadn't bloomed.  So imagine our surprise when we saw these tiny buds burst into rich purple blooms this weekend.

 and more... my neighbors must think I'm nuts by now, with all the gazing I do at these.

I keep running outside and staring at them and bending over to stick my head in them.  I'm pretty sure my neighbors think I'm nuts already, so this probably confirms it.  (And prepare yourself for more photos, because I'm so not done yet.)

It was a busy weekend that was kick-started with a sleepover for the 13 year old (dinner for 6 'teens' at the Cheesecake Factory, home to a movie which put them to sleep during, and back up for pancakes...) and included a zoo trip for Fidget, progress in reorganization of the sewing room, some Twelve Square sewing and another maternity skirt.  Throw in a trip to Lowe's, the park with the green slides, and Sunday Burger Night, and you've pretty much got the picture.  Busy and good.

like ramma-lamma-lamma-kadingady-dingdy-dong

Left:the azaleas are about to bloom in the front of the house.  Yay!  They should look delicious against the new gray paint. 

Right: My April Twelve Square block for Kathryn.  I loved the springy fabrics she chose.  And a simple 9-patch?  Sweet.  Easy as pie.   (more 12SQ photos at the flickr pool)

(Hat tip to Kirsten for seeing these photos at Flickr and suggesting they should be mosaic-ized.  I wish I had taken a few more photos of them both, for a 9-patch mosaic.)

Happy new week everyone... Hope your weekend was full, too.  xo



so pretty.


I only wish I could smell those lilacs from here.
Happy Monday, my dear.


It is a great satisfaction when a plant in our garden is in bloom: it is always a sweet surprise!
Very nice pics Chris!

Have a nice week you too!!


Yay! I love me some lilacs! They remind me of being a kid playing in the backyard at Gpa & Gma's.

This past Friday when I picked up the little lady, I saw the row by the alley of the preschool had bloomed. I drove down the alley and MAN! did they smell good. I was so tempted to grab my scissors out of my glovebox and snip me off a few! lol


Mmmmm. Love those lilacs. Mine are just starting to blossom. It's my favorite time of the year. :)

UK lass in US

I'm often out embarrassing myself in front of the neighbours - usually crawling around the garden with a camera in hand.

I'm so glad that our busy weekend is over. Now, if I could just persuade my daughter to take a nap, so I could take one too...


Mmmm... I just love lilacs! Yours are so pretty.


Mmm... Lilacs... Azaleas... Cheesecake Factory... :o)


They're so beautiful! We don't see many lilacs around Texas. I wonder if it's too hot here... You're quilt square is lovely- such pretty fabrics.


Your lilacs are beautiful. Mine have teeny tiny buds. Thanks for sharing yours.

mary smith

What wonderful lilac photos. You must be a bit ahead of us in blooming season. Can't wait until they are out!


Those lilacs are really really pretty! (:


oh I love lilac bushes - mine are blooming too! LOVE THEM! You have been busy!

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