hodge podge monday. with flowers.
Me too and something new.

grays and whites and purples and blues....

It's a little gloomy here today, weather-wise.  Not cold, but drizzly and damp. 

There is thunder that rolls in the distance somewhere.  The pavement is wet, although there hasn't been any rain.  The cloud-filtered light is soft.  Spring has sprung in these parts, and everything is covered with a lushy green, and speckled with lavenders and pinks and whites... red-buds, anyone?  Pink dogwoods?  The damp makes it all look even more lush.  It's how I imagine Portland or Ireland must be, all the time... It's rather nice, but the sun will be nice to see again, too.

Rather than race home to catch up on work this morning, I detoured and make quick stops a two of my favorite thrifts.  Sheets, check.  Tablecloth, check.  Embroidered pillowcases, check.  All good stuff.  I felt so lucky.  Not at all dreary like the weather.

treasures: thrifted glass bowl & our first lilac blooms

This milk glass bowl made it into my cart, too.  My camera was having trouble focusing on it -- the bubbled sides were tricky, I guess.  But I do think that for two bucks it is very pretty.  The gal at the checkout counter told me she used to have one just like it, "so you know it's very old."  *wink" Smile.   (How the lilac got in that photo, I have no idea.  They are persistent little things.)

Three different people asked me how much longer I had until the baby came, and when I said 8 weeks, they were each surprised it was that long.  One followed it with "Well, I guess because you're so small everywhere else, it makes your belly seem So Big."  Well, I guess I'm ok with that; it is the truth, really.  I'm all of 5'2", and I have what looks like a basketball stuffed under my shirt, ready to pop. 

Before I forget, I also found a gorgeous sky blue large cashmere cardigan. It has been mended in a few places, so I don't feel the least bit anxious about saying I plan to cut it up for something.  I've read a variety of reports online about felting cashmere.  From 'it can't be done' to 'easy as pie'.  Any tips for a gal with a front loading washing machine (that uses very little water?)  Should I do this

**** oooh.  Here comes the rain.  It's the pittery-pattery kind.  I could totally go for a nap ****



I bet you look cute!

Don't you love a good haul at the thrift store?

Have a great day.


What a pretty bowl... matches perfectly with those lovely lilacs.


That is a cute bowl. Sounds like you hit the jackpot again. Can't wait to see this baby of yours!


I could go for a nap too! Instead I'm checking blogs while Lucy watches tv and Owen naps. Oh, some day.
I swear we had that same bowl when I was a kid....probably with some Ambroisa Salad in it for dinner.
Great finds!
Enjoy the rain.


'It's the pittery-pattery kind' - what a wonderful turn of phrase. I was putting off getting out of bed this morning, because it's rainy, but now I think I'll jump up and see what kind it is.


I love milk glass.


I can't wait for my lilacs. My poor little trees only have a tiny bit of green on them right now. I'm very stingy with them when they do come, I don't even like sharing with my mom, but I do. Love the bowl too.


That bowl is lovley, as are the lilacs. I don't think you can ever have enough pictures of lilacs. :)

I am very much enjoying the lush greeness of everything too. Makes it sort of magical looking, yes?


Love that milk glass bowl! My lilac hasn't bloomed yet so I yanked one from the bush over at my dentists building (after my appt that is). Heck...if I have to pay him cash for his services, I should be entitled to a little something extra right :)


Hi, just found your blog -- very fun!
I have a front loading, low water washer too (Asko) and I've felted things in it with no problem. I usually use the quick or superquick setting, minimal soap, and push up the heat to around 120F. The only drawback to a frontloader is that you can't really open it up to check on the felting without draining the machine -- thus the advantage to using the quicker settings.
As for felting cashmere, it will work since it's a natural fiber with a fuzz that will mat, but how well depends on how tightly it is knitted. If there isn't much air space between the stitches, it won't do much as the material doesn't have anywhere to go. General rule is -- the looser the knit, the thicker the felt, within reason. Good luck!

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