Fidget's Easter Dress: Simplicity 2711
The weekend the crabapple tree came down.

Feel good moment + tulips + snot

Sharing: Apparently this is one of the most popular YouTube videos right now.  I just saw it.  It could be the hormones, but I'm all teared up and happy right now.  Go on, you'll see what I mean. 

birthday tulips

Loving: My birthday tulips from Fidget.  They came potted, which makes me so happy.  Anyone know the protocol for planting the bulbs once the flowers are spent?  Do I wait until fall or just until after the last frost?

Feeling:  A little off-kilter this week.  Balancing a resurgent cold + chronic rhinitus that shows up every pregnancy = not sleeping well.   My poor ENT can do nothing for me but shake his head and apologize that his hands are tied because I'm pregnant.  I've even ruptured a blood vessel in my nose.  Good times.  Beathing, who knew it was such a big deal?

Planning: Surprises for a special girl who turned 13 today.  I'm not sure how that is possible, because I'm only, like, 18.  My first-born.  A complex mix of sweet and sass.  She wants to be a fashion designer.

Appreciating: All the sweet compliments on the Easter dress!  You all are the best cheerleaders ever.  xoxo



I have watched that video about 3 or 4 times and love, love, love it. I have always loved that song, but watching her sing it and everyone's reaction is priceless. Of course it makes me sad that they all mocked her before she started singing.

Happy Birthday to your little fashionista!

On the tulips -- maybe plant them in a pot? Since they're used to being indoors they might not fare too well in the ground. But then, I'm no expert!


Saw the video yesterday... and yes there were some tears.

Happy Birthday. Sorry you're feeling under the weather. I hated the pregnancy-nose thing. I never expected to have problems breathing when pregnant. Bizzaro!


That video is very good. For the tulips, I'd wait til Autumn. Last year, I planted my tulips at the end of August and they're doing fine. I think you can plant them up to November, depending on your climate.
Hope that helps!

Sonja Sackett

I have a nose tip for you! I get something vary similar (except i cough too!) when pregnant. And FINALLY on the third pregnancy my OB suggested a Netty Pot. Basically a little teapot thing that you use to pour salt water up your nose into your sinus cavity and back out the other nostril!!! Sounds like an insane thing to do but boy does it make all the difference in the world. Now i hit the netty pot at the first sign of a head cold. Clears it right up. No meds needed :)


how did I totally miss your birthday??? my birthday calendar needs some serious updating.


I teared up at the "sound of music" group dance in the train station. and I have no hormones to blame. my offic mate just shakes his head.
can it be a year ago already that C. turned 12? where does the time go?


Happy birthday, first-born. You are a beautiful young lady. TEENAGER, I should say.


I'm not pregnant, but I cried with that video. I think it smeared the dollar store make-up my son applied on my face earlier.


I cried like a baby just reading Because of winn-Dixie to the girls. Geez... when did I become such a sap? Sorry we didn't get to hook up when we were in KC. It ended up being somewhat rushed and slightly crazy. Imagine that! Next time, I promise to get with you! Looking good prego. When's that little one arriving?


Happy Birthday to you and miss teen! I know what you mean about still feeling 18. I don't feel any different than I did when I was in high school and then I remember that I'm 43!


When I gave birth, I had the worst cold, right in the middle of a heat wave. I couldn't take anything. I sympathize with you.
Thanks for the Susan Boyle hook up. She is amazing.


thanks so much for the link - it brought me to tears - very happy tears!


I cry every single time I see that video or hear her story. She was on the Today show this morning and I lost it again. Such a great story!

I'm glad you asked the potted tulip question. My husband brought me some yellow potted tulips the week before last and they are nearing their end. I was going to plant the bulbs alongside my others & hope for the best.

I hope you feel better! Enjoy your teenager! :)


So cute that she wants to be a fashion designer! You're the perfect role model!
Wow, a 13 year old and a baby on the way. You've got the full spectrum. I bet she'll be a great "mom" too. My youngest sister was born when I was 13 and I LOVED it. She was my doll.


happy, happy birthday! oh, the nose thing. I got that with every pregnancy too. I wore nasal strips all the time. I had to. it did help a bit. I look like miss piggy with them on (and the extra 65 lbs) but they did help. i wish i could offer more help. it is awful, i know. hang in there!


Happy Birthday Chris!!!! I hope you will feel better...
usually, when tulips are spent, I put them directly in my garden and I wait nature makes its course all alone... Maybe I do the wrong thing, but tulips always come out in the right time :-)

aunt fashionista

I don't think it is a hormone thing Chris....I cry watching that video too and I have seen it several times now.

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