Craft Hope: February

the pink party

For Fidget's third birthday, the only request was 'pink'.  So a pink gingham tablecloth and polka dot napkins followed.  And balloons.  And streamers.  And a cake. And little bowls of pink candies.  That was it.  Three year olds are pretty easy to please.  They must be. Because just before we started everything, she said to me, " Mommy, thanks for making my party."  Melted my heart like buttah.




more pink

I was particularly happy with the cake.  I used a yellow cake mix for the three tiers, but made several batches of the real homemade bad-for-you-but-oh-so-good white crisco frosting for a nice thick layer.  I followed Inchmark's Dot Cake directions for the royal icing dots.  What an easy trick.  There were even some dots left over for the cupcakes we took to school today.


The party's over but the balloons remain.  I love that birthday haze that lingers for the few days afterwards, where there is still cake to snack on and remants of the fun we had can still be found around the house... 

Here's to another year, sweet Fidgie.  You make momma proud.



What a sweet & elegant birthday party for such a sweet little girl! I can't belive she's 3 now! LOVE the cake! Sounds yummy too!


Happy Birthday, Fidge! Your mama sure knows how to make her girl's special day all the more special.


Happy Birthday Miss Fidget! All, there is nothing as wonderful as looking at the world in a pink haze!


I love the second shot. What a beautiful capture!

Happy Birthday, cute girl!


Happy birthday Fidge!

Love that everything was pink. Such a great color I think.


Oh wow, I absolutely LOVE that last photo of your home all decorated. I mean, I LOVE it! Looks like a magazine. Cute party! and adorable cake.
Happy Birthday little one!


Hapde Burfday! What a lovely party you had. :-)

(And may the saints be with your mama, 3 is tough stuff. LOL)


Loving your cake! Yay, how fun!


Everything looked wonderful. I love you napkins. It makes me melt too that she appreciated all that you did for her.

Mrs. DD

Happy Birthday to your daughter! I love your napkins and all the pink!


To the birthday girl: Happy birthday, darling!

To the Momma: When was her birthday? I just turned 20 on the 1st of March! Her party sounds like fun. Glad to hear all of you had a great time. Birthdays are awesome events!


Happy Birthday Fidget! Cai sends lots of hugs and loves all your pink balloons and all the "poky dahs" on your cake! :)

I LOVE that she wanted a pink party! Can you believe our lo's are 3yo!!!


oh, i LOVE all the pink!!!

happy birthday to Fidget!


love the pink! we've got a pink girl over here too!!
looks like a fun and lovely party - happy birthday Fidget!


such a sweet girl i love her pink party. and that icing! i make that all the time with crisco. it is so damn good.
happy birthday fidget!


What a great theme: PINK! I think I may have to persuade Spenser to do that next time.

Happy belated birthday, Miss Fidgie.

amy h

Happy birthday, Fidge! What a pretty party.


Love the pink theme! You did a bang up job. Can I have a slice of that cake??....yum....


Looks like a wonderful day! Tell my "littlest girlfriend" Happy B Day from Auntie Liz!

Love the dots. They turned out just right.


I would like to be 3 years old just to have a so FABULOUS PINKIE PARTY!!! WOWWWW!!!

You are a great mom! :-)


wow you take such beautiful photos!


i initially thought the dots were fruit flavored mentos, which are about the same colors and are the size of a nickel. so if anyone is interested in going the lazy route, swap in some mentos!

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