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pillowcase-ish skirts

Thanks for all the duvet love.  It's just further proof that there is no end to what you can do with vintage linens.

What, you need more proof?  Okay, here goes.

$1 kitchen cafe curtains, now a skirt

This little skirt I made from thrifted kitchen cafe curtain panels.  The daisies were actually on a diagonal cut, but I was able to make wide enough rectangles on the bias to pull together a basic loop. 

It was already finished with a roll hem, but I thought it was still a little sheer to wear alone.  So I added a second tier from a basic white pillowcase (another thrift score), stitched them together at the top and added a simple casing for the elastic.  The ric-rac was a last minute addition, too.

tier closeup

This second one is more basic.  I cut it to the desired length, made a casing for the elastic and called it done.


And then decided to add some lacy trim over the pillowcase hem line, so it isn't so obvious.  I love the print on this one.

So that's it.  About $3 for two skirts, excluding the trim and elastic I had on hand.  And about an hour of work.  Those are my kind of projects.



ooo, I love them both. Very sweet.


Oh my goodness, too cute! You have an excellent eye period! What else do you have in that pretty little head of yours? =-)


You are my sewing hero...turning something thrifted into something so pretty (love the photography too).


wish they were my size~ :)


I love them! What are your sources for vintage linens?


Those are my kind of projects, too. In fact, I'm wearing one of my pillowcase skirts.

Very sweet, Chris. I think Spenser needs some. (Well, maybe not *need,* but you know what I mean.)


Those are adorable! I love your duvet too. So sweet.


they are absolutely adorable.
next one - elastic thread the waist - about 5 rows, 1/4" apart. trust me.


Love them! She will wear them well too! Soo cute. I think the blue and white is my fav! So Spring-y!

aunt fashionista

Hey sis! Those skirts are awesome! I love the blue one especially...good job!

pretty momma

I am at your house all the time, I can't go without talking to you for very long, and I would say that I know you pretty well, yet you STILL never cease to amaze me!!! I love EVERYTHING you do Yellow Belle!!


They are so vintagie and lovely! How did you do the roll hem? Any interest in a little bitty tutorial for your non-roll-hemming fans? I love the look of these skirts and the pictures even show that washed softness of old pillowcases.


I'm seriously drooling over that blue skirt! Wow. Tooo cute. I need to find some thrifted sheets or curtains....
Beautiful photographs too!


Awesomely sweet! (:


I love these skirts! They have a spring allure!!
Very nice, you should sell them! :-)


De-lurking to say that I love those skirts, especially the blue one. I almost wish my girls were young enough again to make them some!


The trim makes them special and unique. When my mother made me a skirt, what I remember is the trim and how much I liked it. The skirts are darling.


i could never come up with that idea on my own. super cute. my girls would love those skirts!


oh yes, i love them both!!


So precious. I really like the blue one!


You are the queen of pillowcase design! I love them both...especially the blue one. It's perfect for spring.


Oh my! I love these!!! Especially the blue one. So darling.


these are so great. i love this idea.


these are so sweet! you have such a great eye for using those thrift shop finds. i always want to make a run to goodwill after reading your blog! by the way, good job on the paint in fidge's room in the post below. *wink*


So beautiful!

The 6 O'Clock Stitch

Oh, those are just darling and you can't beat the price! So nice to meet you.

Warm wishes
6 O'Clock


Oh my! How beautiful! I definitely think you should sell these at a local boutique. I would buy one. I guess I might need a little one to dress first, but you know what I mean. Looks like you are feeling better. So glad! Have a great day! liz


I have a similar blue and white pillowcase. It was going to be a dress, but I love how your skirt turned out!

Pink and Green mama

This is SO SWEET!! I've been dying to make pillow case dresses for my girls but my oldest is now too tall. I think she'll need a skirt (or 4) for this summer. Thanks for sharing. I love the lace detail -- it's darling.


Oh I just love this for so many reasons. I am a thrifted linens junkie and I am always trying to figure out a good way to use them. This is perfect since i have two little pumpkins to sew for. Great ideas and wonderful work!


Love them both, but the blue one is just so beautiful. Simple and beautiful -that's my style too.


so lovely!


the sweetest!


They are so sweet. What a gorgeous idea.


These skirts are just "too cute" What a great idea! I have seen the pillow case dresses but never thought of a skirt! I love to sew but you know, I just don't find that many women who can sew anymore. It is so exciting to find a group of ladies out there in "blogger land" who have the same interests ! Love your new picture of the roses, they are just lovely. Have a fabulous weekend!



Just found your blog. I love those skirts.

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