Monday Madness
the one where she framed the records from her youth.

(Friday already)

Another week ticked by in a flurry of doctor visits (one for me, two for Fidge), hair appointments (two for the girls), house painter estimates (six so far), and projects.  We're at home today with a fever (Fidge) and pending dramatic weather (snow, 6-11 inches, tomorrow). 

Little JuneBug is in full belly assault, tumbling and punching and twitching all the time, sweet thing.  I'm at that point where people are more confident assuming I'm pregnant and asking questions.  We have less than 13 weeks to go and that really doesn't seem like enough time to get everything done...I haven't even begun to plan what to do with the umpteen boxes of baby clothes in my garage.  They need to come down and be rifled through (pulling the gender neutral stuff out first, of course) and washed.  We need to clean up all the new baby stuff that's been in storage.  And maybe get the nursery together.

So now you're all caught up.

I finished something this week that I am very eager to show, but it's a surprise.  

12 Square block :: February :: For Melissa

It's not this (late) Twelve Square quilt block for Melissa

I finished this little log cabin square (her instructions) yesterday, supplying my own polka dot fabric (from this skirt, which I still love and am hoping will get to wear again someday).  I still have a few days left in March to get caught up on the other block for Tracy sitting in my sewing room, and I am determined to make that happen soon.  (maybe this weekend?)

Have the parentheses made you dizzy yet?  Because my eyes are crossed.  Of course it could also be from our crazed weather patterns which cannot decide to be 65 & sunny or 35 & blizzard-ing.   Lotsa snow tomorrow.  On Sunday it's supposed to be back up to 46, and Monday, the 50s... Nuts!  I think I'm going to stick to a plan of chai (decaf) tea, couch snuggles and pajama pants.

Enjoy your weekend, friends. xoxox



Adorable square. Great color scheme she sent. You did an amazing job on it.

The 6 O'Clock Stitch

The square is beautiful although I have no idea how you found the time to finish it with everything on your plate. Enjoy your weekend. And perhaps rest a little!


Love the quilt square. Right there with you on the weather situation. Sounds like you have a good plan.


You guys are getting more snow than we are expecting here, but it is a bit strange given that it has been very spring like for nearly a month now on this side.

Of course, since we had only one snow, I am sorta hoping we get a big dump so Jack can play one more time. (And it doesnt hurt that it would melt quickly since it will be warm again on Monday.)


Wow, many parentheses!

That's a pretty square. I like the green and purple combination (:


So loving the fabric combo. I'm Drooling! Great job! I have an unfinished log cabin quilt. I really should bust out and finsh. I am famous for unfinished projects. haha


Hi Chris!

In Italy we are used to say " Marzo pazzerello", "Crazy March" : also here weather goes from 20°C and great sun to 10°C and a lot of rain!
My poor flowers in the garden... they have so many different weathers to face!! :-)

Have a nice week-end!!


I like that quilt block. And, your weather is as crazy as MD weather! Have fun with that. :O)

melissa s.

i ADORE the block! thank you! and am looking forward to seeing your surprise!

amy h

You're not on the caffeine this time? I was very good with Elise, mostly good with Charlotte, and this time I cannot handle life without caffeine. I have my little chart on the refrigerator saying how many mgs have been studied and shown to be OK and how many mgs are in some of my favorite teas and coffees. :)


love that square.
hope your weekend was great.


Hi Christina Mom showed me your four square. Very Pretty!!! Did you get all that snow? Have a good day! Ally

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