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Fidget's got a brand new bed

The girls were gone this weekend, so I took advantage of some extra time and finished up Fidget's duvet.

duvet, complete

I really like how it turned out.  Like I mentioned before, I used two thrifted vintage sheets and added a ruffle of fabric from Heather Bailey's Pop Garden line.  The room was already painted yellow and green, so I wanted the ruffle to pick those colors up, too.  Plus, ruffles are so darned charming.

See how that top sheet has the floral edge?  It's just at the top of the sheet, meant for showing when you fold it over.  I thought it was perfect for the top underside of the duvet, as I tend to fold them back when I make a bed.

That's the netting from her side rails you see on the bottom.  It's covering the light yellow eyelet bedskirt (also thrifted).  I'll have to try and get a better shot of that next time.

ruffly kerfluffle

The bedroom furniture is that set I mentioned not too long ago, the 1970's era cream and gold 'french country' girls set that was featured in all the department store catalogs of my youth.  It was a steal at a local used furniture shop and I cannot believe how solid the pieces are after all these years. (Well, I can.  They don't make furniture like that anymore, unless you are planning on investing in furniture.  And that I'm not doing, especially for something that will probably see nail polish and markers and shoe scuffs over the next few years).  A few nicks and scratches, sure.  I'll take them.

This is the dresser.  The jewelry box in the middle was mine as a little girl.  It has the ballerina (now with a missing arm) that spins, and a satin aqua interior.  Fidget loves that music box.   My name is on the bottom, scrawled in pen.  I went through a phase for a few years where I labeled everything.


The lamp base was something I picked up on ebay back when I was setting up the nursery.  I'm glad it still works in this room.

through the looking glass, Fidget's bed.

There is another piece, the desk + hutch, that is still waiting for a new chair.  It looks lonely without the chair, so I thought I'd save that for another post after I've found one. 

There are still some wall pictures to move around that don't quite line up with the new arrangement.  Most of the art in her room is taken from my old hardcover Mother Goose book that was falling apart.  I always loved the pen and watercolor illustrations, so I clipped them out and framed them for the nursery.  At the time I had bought some frames that I intended to paint, but never got around to it.  They are all trimmed in a gold that happens to match the trim on the new furniture.  I like it when things work out that way.

It's gorgeous and 74 today here in Kansas City.  Spring has been teasing us with more days like this lately, and I love it.  Enjoy yours, whatever it may be.



It's nasty here...I envy you with your 74! I remember that furniture! It does look great - love the duvet!


Lovely. I hope I can find time to get my little people's rooms pulled together soon. That looks so restive!


so very pretty. enjoy your warm weather. xoxo

Sarah Jackson

oh so lovely!!

we're loving the weather too. 83 here today, but up to 91 by the end of the week.


First of all, 74 degrees?? I'm jealous!

Chris, everything is so very elegant and feminine. Very pretty.

I thrifted a small jewelry box for Spenser with the ballerina still intact. The front latch is missing something, but we love it. Er ... I mean SHE loves it.


After a week of rain, we are enjoying some very nice weather here, too.

I love the way the duvet turned out. I really think the ruffle "makes" it, don't you?

Lisa Clarke

I love it! I wouldn't have thought to put those fabrics together for the duvet, but they work so nicely! I think I would really have loved to have a room like that when I was a little girl :-)


You have a great eye for color and pattern! And what a lovely little girls room you've created for your little one. Fabulous job!

We had wonderful, sunny weather here in Nebraska as well. I've got bulbs pushing up everywhere! Don't you just love it?!

amy h

I had a furniture set much like that growing up. It was my mom's, too. I destroyed the bed by pretending I was in "I Dream of Jeannie" and hanging a sheet from one of the posters (to make a genie bottle, of course). Well, while losing my balance while hanging the sheet. (broke the poster)

I love the ruffly duvet. I like to fold them down, too.


I love it, it turned out so pretty. What a sweet little girls room.


Oooh, it looks perfect!


oh my goodness, her bedroom is gorgeous!


oh, her room is so, so sweet.


So cute! I am lovin the sheet with the flowers. Ack!

It is 70 here today too. :) So beautiful I can't hardly stand it.


The duvet is beautiful and her room is completely charming! Love it! :)

gina martin

lovely! if i wasn't married i would have bedding like that! my husband? not so much into the flowers & ruffles, but i love them...


Love Fidget's's gorgeous! The bedding turned out wonderful...the ruffle looks great...and the it! Especially love putting your old jewelry box in there.


My grandmother had those pink striped sheets - they look so much cuter on your girl's bed! Hello from One Crafty Place


How funny! I had that furniture set. Amazing it held up so well. That was thirty years ago. I love what you did to make the duvet, fabuloso! What a lucky girl you have!


Oh it turned out so great! I love the way you've done her whole room.
And fun see your duvet on One Crafty Place :)!


Gorgeous Room. I love everything from the bed linens you made to the beautiful girly dresser. Great job putting it all together!


The duvet is fantastic!

Pink and Green mama

I had that furniture set in my bedroom growing up!1 My 6 year old has my old dressers in her current room. Your linens are lovely, such a sweet little girl room...absolutely perfect.


What a unique idea for a duvet. It looks really flash.


Oh my goodness - that color combination on the duvet is so, so beautiful. It reminds me of something in a Cath Kidston catalog. :o)


I just rediscovered your blog after about a 6 month absence...I was scrolling through some past entries and found this one. I am currently using that EXACT dresser in my nursery. The bed frame/headboard/footboard are in storage in the basement. The set belonged to my mother and was a gift for her 16th birthday. I was so surprised to see its twin in your little one's room. And yes, it is amazing how well these pieces were made!

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