Craft Hope: February

Valentine's Day Goodies.

{alternate title: Because timely recaps don't happen here.}

Fidget embraced the Making part of Valentine's day this year.  I dragged out a bunch of supplies from my stash of paper and whatnots and we went to town.

Doilies?  Check.  Stickers?  Check.  Rubber stamp hearts? Check.  Sparkly pom-poms? Check.  (Why do I have those?)  Bakers twine? Check.  I also printed out her name and cut it out so she could just glue her 'signature' on each Valentine. 

valentines need sparkly pompoms, don't they?

Teachers got theirs wrapped around a box of Starbucks chocolates.

chocolates for the teachers

Friends got little bags of cookies and gummy lifesavers.  Fidge was adamant about making cookies for her class this year.  Hubs helped her decorate them.

cookies for friends

Think they got enough sugar on each cookie?  These make my teeth hurt, just looking at them.


I also came across these little cutters at Target last week (2.99!) and used them to make some X's and O's out of the remaining dough once I had enough ginormous hearts for her class.  I can see whole batches of these next year.  

X and O cutouts

I love Target.  I'd give it a valentine if I could.

: : : : : : : : : : :

And then there is this:

why learn to crochet when I just keep finding stuff like this?

Good heavens, is this a beauty.  A baby blanket (rather gender neutral, I think) picked up thrifting last week. Or the week before? I can't remember.  Anyway, I just love the colors in this one.  It's like the person who made this knew what I needed in that nursery that hasn't happened yet.  Hooray.

I have more photos and things to post, I promise.  It's the getting-to-it part that is hard.  I have been sneaking breaks to check in on all of you, but haven't allowed myself time to comment.  The job thingy is kind of crazy-busy this week.  That's just how it goes sometimes. 

xoxo (in cookies, if you like)



I like that blanket too. You have the best thrifting finds I've ever seen. We just don't have that here. Goodwill is as close as it gets. Sadly.


Gosh! You DO find the best things! It's a hit or miss thing with me and yet you seem to find something scrumptious, fun or absolutely fabulous every time you go! Lucky you! Love the blanket and oh those cookies. Your family did a divinely sweet job!


I have some sparkly pom poms, too, and haven't the faintest idea where in the world they came from. Maybe they are magic. LOL. Just spontaneously appear wherever they want.


I *adore* that blanket! What a super thrifty find : )


Super cute blanket! You are the thrifting queen - I wish I could find things half (or even one-quarter) as neat! I am impressed with the hubs cookie-making skills (must have developed in the last several years) : ) I still want to make one of those cute felt heart garlands that you made a couple of years ago!! Maybe next year....


You totally scored on that blanket! I love it! Good find!

UK lass in US

That blanket is a beauty. What a find!

Fidget's Valentines look adorable. Now I'm feeling guilty for not getting my kids to make more of an effort and embrace the Valentine spirit...


Oh, Chris! Those cookies look awfully yummy to me!

And what a perfect gender-friendly blanket.


LOVE the xo cookie cutters. sweet!!!


Love the blankie! So those are your nursery colors, huh!? I will have to take note and try to add to the decor. Hope you are getting rested. Love to all, Liz


Little girl Valentines make my heart beat fast. Love them.
And that blanket!? Oh man! What a score!


I just adore homemade valentines! Now I'm kicking myself for not stocking up on doily hearts when they were on super mark-down the day after Valentines.


Makes me wonder who would abandon a blanket for a baby that was so lovingly done.
Good for you to capture it!


hello awesomely cool blanket! I think I need to get working on one for my living room.


lol I love when tot's make things! She did an awesome job on the valentines AND the cookies! Yum!
Love the blanket too!


The V-day goodies look yummy and don't you just love the little $1 bin at Target. I have gotten some really fun stuff there, wrapping paper, and my huge clothes pin. Course I don't know if that is where you got your XO cookie cutters, but they made really cute cookies :) I just love your little thrifty baby blankey. So so sweet :)

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