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Miss America 2009

Ok, so you all know the deal, right?

A handful of housewives get together in evening dresses and watch The Pageant.  Thriftstore dresses.  Too much makeup.  Over the top jewels.  Heels.  Lots and lots of hairspray.  Fancy food and drinks.  Tons of laughter.

You can't say I didn't warn you.

Also, I am STILL waiting (AHEM) on photos from others from that night, but I wanted to keep this blog post timely, so you'll have to do with the 13 decent shots that ended up on my camera:

the judges took issue with my, ahem, condition.

I am, what, 18 weeks? here, drinking bubbly cider and finally filling out the top portion of a dress.   The goal is to be tacky and over the top, and this year I didn't get There, because I was challenged in the fitting department, what with the growing belly and all.  I figured being with child at a pageant was tacky enough.  (Dress, $4.50.)  The big Ol' golden necklace gave it some flair though.

Now, for my sister.

little bo peep meets scarlett o'hara

This was the 3rd dress she tried on and we could go no further.  It was so awful and perfect at the same time.  It's a Gunne Sax, probably circa 1980, and it has bows everywhere.  She isn't wearing the HUGE sash at the waist in this photo, which is a shame.  It is about 5 inches wide and flounces over her rear.  To know Kim is to also know that this is SO NOT her, which was even better.  (Is it anyone?)  And we made ringlets.  We couldn't decide whether it was more Scarlett O'hara or Little Bo Peep.  Or a really bad Footloose prom dress.  Anyway, it was golden.   (Dress, $3.50)  She also isn't wearing her pageant sash yet, because this is pre-party.  She was Miss Cellaneous.

For the rest of the party pics, here is a link to the private photos on flickr.  I will expire the link in a few days, but not before you all get your fill.  Enjoy.


Joanne (The Simple Wife)

Oh my goodness. I want to come to your party. Please? I still have my 10th grade prom dress. Iridescent green/black taffeta.


That is too funny! I love the miss... sashes what a great idea. Your sisters dress reminds me of a friend of mine who double dated the prom with me back in 1983 -- her dress even had a big hoop...mmmmmm, it was special even back then.


Yeah, you lose. You look entirely too perfect.
Your sister though, oh Lord. Look at those rocking girls she has going on. Love it.


Oh, my darling. Thank you for the belly laugh at the end of this hideous day.

And nice cleavage. :)


Oh my, tell you little sis I am chuckling! No, really it was a belly laugh! Looks like good friends, good times and good memories!


Ummmm....why do I seriously think you both look gorgeous?! haha. Whatever, thrift store :). Fun party!


It is *very* little bo peep, and it totally made me laugh.

Mrs. DD

What FUN!!! What a great idea. Maybe I'll try it next year!

Pretty Mama's 'lil sis

I LOVE it!!! 100% totally jelous I wasn't there..


OH wow your sister's dress! LOL
What a fun party! You look fab!


That just looks like so much fun! Wish I had a part ty like that to go to! You look stunning! :)


You're looking nice actually. Didn't fulfill the criteria of being "over the top", I see! Haha! Your sister's dress, however, is classic!


My oh my! Those totally made my day. Fantastic!!!

And you, by the way, look absolutely gorgeous!


What a great idea! It looks like you all had the best time! I should try to get my girlfriends to do something like this. I know some of them would just blow my mind away with what they could come up with :)


I would agree that you looked fantastic- maybe if it would have had a mermaid dress bottom you could have competed in the outragous dress catagory. I made that Butternick 5119 for Valentine's Day for my girls I'll post pics when I get the other two done today!


Those were too funny, what a fun tradition! You look so pretty and I love how you match your background there. Your sister looks hilarious, love it!

UK lass in US

Someone once paid more than $3.50 for that dress...

Yep, you didn't get There - you're looking far too good.


That's fantastic! I love the concept of your get together. Brilliant!


You are radiant, Chris. Just beautiful.

Years ago (before I was married), my roommate and I hosted a 70's party. We both had on long gowns. And false eyelashes. Sweet.

Unfortunately, most of the thrift stores in our area don't carry such fine gowns anymore. The few they might have are far too expensive when just playing around.


Oh my gosh! Too funny! It is fabulous that you and your friends do something so outrageously fun! Great job and keep the fun times going!


you guys are so funny, but i must say, you all look amazing! sounds like such a fun party!


I gave you an "award" on my blog:)


You all are way too funny!


you are cracking me up!!!! beautiful preggo mama!


Those sashes are hilarious! It looks like you all had a fantastic time. I'm still giggling...


That looks like so much fun! You look so cute in that picture!

Gina E

Too cute! I love the idea! I have high hopes that my girls will enjoy doing things like this with each other when they are adult(ish).


That sounds like the funnest party idea EVERY! I am going to have to borrow it!


oh what fun! i guess if i have the party, i'm set with the trophies. i was on a bowling league and we were gunning for the last place trophy, but for some reason they didn't give one out that year.


thanks for reading!

b @ mtss

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