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Craft Hope: February

I'm checking "two pillowcase tank tops" off my February to-do list.  These are going to Carmen (13) and Olivia(14) at the Pan de Vida shelter in Mexico via Jade's Craft Hope

Craft Hope: For Oliva, 14

(And even though I wasn't participating in erin's yellow week, here is some anyway:)

Craft Hope: For Carmen, age 13

It was hard not knowing how to make these without the girls' sizes, so I used my own middle school in-house model for measurements.  She looks like a twig here, but she is really pretty averaged sized.  The casing on the front and back has elastic in it, so there is some stretch to it as well.   I basically

I love how these turned out and keep thinking I need some for myself for this summer with a cute pair of knee length shorts and sneaks.  After the baby, I mean.  Right now I'd have a hard time getting The Girls in one of those tops, let alone my belly.  Hee.

Feeling kicks these days.  Lots of 'em.  And the ultrasound went well, so all is good...

Happy weekend, friends.



I think I have one of those yellow pillowcases (the second one) floating around my stash -- somewhere.
Have a great weekend, chica!
I'm 11 checks away from my weekend.

Gretchen Skovron

oh those tanks are adorable! Did you use a pattern or tutorial?

Becky Warner

Love those! So cute and cool looking. Perfect for summer.


I'm so glad the ultrasound went well. And kicks! I remember loving it when my children kicked. Enjoy yourself.


Love the tops. I think you would enjoy one of those next summer. Tell the teenager she looks lovely! Hugs, Liz




These are very romantic tops! As the fashion tells thise year...
Very nice! and very good work!!! :-)


That's a great idea. I've been looking for a camisole type top to sew for myself. I too will consider this post pregnancy (I'm 30 weeks)...these days knit fabric is much better.


Those tops are totally adorable! Are they easy to make?
Yay on all the baby kicks! Aww!


The yellow is amazing! And I'm with you - when I make pillowcase tops I like making the encasing with elastic versus ribbon..... What a wonderful gift!


These look way sweet Chris, and a really nice job. I can see swishy skirts with em, hope the girls get to enjoy them that you are sending too :)


This is what I did this weekend - my post today will be just about identical to yours :)


Glad the ultrasound went well and I love feeling the fun! Those are sweet tops! You are such a loving person doing all the things that you do :)


My gosh. Those are too cute for words. There's just so much pillowcase inspiration floating around lately. Makes me want to raid my linen closet.

Erin O

Where did you find a pattern for this. It is absolutely adorable. I have several friends who would love them.


i love those tops! so darn sweet!


So darling, I've been planning on making a dress for my toddler, but wow a top for moi! Yes!

Mrs. DD

Sooooo cute! Did you have a pattern or did you just make it up? I'm impressed


Very cute! I wish I could pull off such a little shirt! haha


Cute cute cute! I'm sure they will bring a smile to those girls.

mary smith

Those are such cute tops!! Love them with the jeans too!


Great pillowcase tank tops! Super Cute! ~D


Are these a pattern from the book
Dozens of ways to repurpose Pillow cases?
I have an ever growning list of books to purchase or request the library to purchase. I love these cute tanks and the skirts in the more recent posts. Was wondering where you got the patterns.
Thanks in advanced.

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