Hello from Florida!
Miss America 2009

and we're back...

Florida was fun.  We stayed at my parents' new home and saw more of their community.  Can't say I blame them for wanting to live in a place that does not require snow boots and ice scrapers.  It was a short visit, but we packed a lot of things into our days and made the best of it.  I'll post tidbits this week.

Honeymoon Island beach

The weather wasn't quite as warm as it was last year when we went, and they are still recovering from severe frosts just a week ago.  So, oddly enough, their yards and landscape looked a lot like ours at home.  That also meant no dazzling array of sunshine-and-color flooded photos this go-round (see some of last year's here), but that's ok.  I know we'll be back soon.  Plus, we were in flip-flops for 4 days.  I am not complaining!


And now we are back to reality.  Nothing says 'Welcome Home' like as-yet-unpacked suitcases, unmade beds, and a basket of clean laundry to fold (tossed into the dryer just before we left), does it?   We got in around 10:40 last night and I'm still trying to find my bearings.I just don't have the energy to tackle it today, so we may be in for an extended homecoming. 

We did have a teensy breakthrough this morning though.  Somebody woke up dry.

little victories

That someone is turning 3 in four weeks.  How is that possible? 

(I can't believe I'm going to post a picture of our toity/princess seat combo.  It's quite the throne.  Har har.)



Hooray for Fidget! Waking up dry is a big acclomplishment for a little girl! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that K will be next.


Dry is big!

It's hard to come back from vaca. So much more work to be done. Hope you feel refreshed.


love that last picture. it's a milestone to be remembered!


Well, I think it's a beautiful pic! Here's to no more nappies!!!


WooHoo to Miss Fidget! Glad you had a nice mini vacation. That photo makes me want to dig out my summer stuff and head to the beach!

Alicia A.

HOOOOORAY Fidgie! Dry and almost the big o-three. Wow.

notice how I skimmed right over commenting on FL? ;)

amy h

You got to see the ocean! Jealous.

And could your almost-three-year-old come talk some sense into my almost-four-year-old? I don't think we've ever had a dry night. Maybe we need a princess throne.


what a nice throne you have there! welcome home!


Well that is certainly something more worthy of celebration than unpacked suitcases and unfolded laundry. (I've got 2 loads of my own to fold.)

Welcome home.


Welcome home, Chris.

And a big WOO-HOO for Fidge!


Good to have you back Miss P! I would imagine a bit of sunshine and a salty breeze would be quite uplifting this time of year. I am glad you had a good time. Three cheers for Princess Fidget! She is quite deserving of her plush, pink cushioned throne. Hip...hip... HOORAY!!!!


Welcome home. I can't wait to see more photos of sunny Florida.

Yay for Fidge!


you are so funny! that is great about fidget...hopefully she will be 100% potty trained by the time the new babe comes! yay!

Mary Smith

Florida, how wonderful! I know that potty picture very well. Our youngest is a self-proclaimed potty trainer and he just turned two!


It's nice to be back home after a wonderful vacation. But yeah, the unpacked bags and stuff...loads of work waiting there. Haha!


Love that toilet seat - and welcome back to the laundry! LOL - I love your style! :)


I don't care if it wasn't as warm this year...I'm still jealous! LOL I'm glad y'all had a great trip!

YAY for the big girl! woohoo!

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