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A block. Some more Florida photos. And delivery.

A dose of sunshine does you good.

I think I mentioned before that our trip to Florida last week wasn't as warm as it was last year. But it was still better than the 20 degree weather we had left behind, so we were ok with it.

On Saturday, while hubs and my dad went off to golf, my mom and I took the girls to Honeymoon Island for a picnic.  The sky was clear and the water, all sparkly.

the water sparkled

beach chairs

And even though it wasn't warm enough for swimsuits and tank tops, we took our flip flops off and squeezed our toes in the sand.

sparkle toes

Someone was optimistic about the swimming.  They brought beach towels, and they weren't for sitting on the sand.  We also spied Green Bay ballcaps, so we're thinking they considered a breezy 55 downright tropical.

chair w/ towels



The girls couldn't resist the perfectly dampened sand not too far from our picnic blankets.  And I gushed with love watching my babies playing together.  Seriously.  I am pretty sure the hormones have nothing to do with it.  I got all sentimental. 

digging in

They were making what midwestern girls make best. 

smiley beach snowman

A snowman.

greetings from florida


amy h

Aw, that would make me all sentimental, too. Of course, I'm all hormonal as well, so maybe I'm not objective.


That's too cute. You can take the girls out of the Midwest, but you can't take the Midwest out of the girls :)


So fun! I love that picture of the sea. It's so sparkly!


Oooh. The white sand is so purty! And the snow/sandman cracked me up. I'm so glad you had fun.


I have that exact same beach umbrella shot on my Flickr. From Caladesi island. Gorgeous!


now those are some good girls! looks like you had fun. great to see you today!

Between Hitching Posts

Just seeing your pictures is helping my sunshine deprived, vitamin D deficient mind feel better. I am so anxious for springtime weather.


The sparkles! Oh, it does a girl good to see that. :)


Snowman in the sand! I reckon he liked the beach as much as the Green Bay fans! Glad you enjoyed the trip. And next year there will be three!


Beautiful pictures - now you got me dreaming about summer vacations! :)


wowwww... I am so jealous of that weather!!..... I could kill to have a little bit of summer now!!


You have been lucky to be there with the sea, the light of the sun reflected in the water... wowwww.... what a dream! :-)

Mary Smith

That trip looks heavenly!! It must be heart-warming to see your girls playing like that, especially with one more on the way!

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