A dose of sunshine does you good.

A block. Some more Florida photos. And delivery.

I'm not doing so well with turning my Twelve Square blocks in on time.  So far they have all been about 10 days late.  However, they are getting done, so I feel pretty good about that.  This latest one is for Leslie:

Feb Block for Leslie

The fabrics she sent were all summery and fresh, and I immediately thought 'bubbles' and circle appliques... but it looks like the other squares she got were more traditional cuts of blocks and stripes and so forth, so I hope this square doesn't completely throw off the completed quilt. 

The circles are hand-turned and slip-stitched, so no stitches are visible.

Feb: Leslie :: Twelve Square

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the 1/2 grouper sandwich

This photo just cracks me up. Do I look scared?  Surprised?  Nervous?  Probably all three. It was taken on our second full day with my folks, when my mom and I went antiquing.  This is the HALF Grouper sandwich.  It was bigger than my head.  And no, I didn't eat all the bread; I ended up eating the innards with a fork.  Tasty though.  (That is an awful word, innards.  Sorry about that.)

These do count as Florida pics.  I know the seaside stuff is better, but -- really -- look at me.  I'm in a long sleeved shirt.  I also had a sweater hanging from the back of my chair. The sky had a grayish cast all but the one day we went to the beach, so this is it.  I'm pretty sure an umbrella was involved, too.

good Greek eats down by the docks

Mmmmm.  Baklava.  I love any place with outdoor seating, especially with a view.   It's so charming and casual.  I feel like I'm on a movie set or something when I eat outdoors, sipping my coffee, watching the world go by.  But we didn't, and no one else did either that day.  It was just too chilly and damp.  Better luck next year, I'm sure.

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And, delivery! 

No, I didn't go into labor.  We're only 21 weeks along now, and our sonogram looked great the other day.  Doc says momma and baby are just fine.  Whew!

But I amexpecting the delivery of some furniture today.  That 1960's and 70's-ish creamy white and gold girls bedroom set from the Sears/Montgomery Wards/JCPenney Catalogs that I stared at longingly as a girl?  I found a four-poster bedframe, dresser+mirror and desk+hutch (and secret compartment sliding door-- bonus!) the other day for a steal at a used furniture place.  It's solid; the drawers are pristine and slide smoothly.  They even knocked off 20% percent for cash and because I'm really, really nice.  *grin*  I can't wait until it's here so I can clean it up and get going on Fidget's Big Girl Room. 

{ Local girls?  This place also carries a really good inventory (usually) of mid-century stuff, too.  Dining tables, bedroom sets, hutches, side tables.  There is one Danish modern hutch that is particularly wonderful.  It's been there for a while, I bet you could get a good deal.  Let me know if you want the inside scoop. }

So yesterday we had to make way in Fidget's room for her new stuff.  This is always a huge project, and included cleaning out closets and drawers and everything.  But doesn't it feel great to have a trunkload for Goodwill?  As soon as it stops raining today I'm going to scoot out and purge the back of my wagon.

Happy Wednesday!  xoxo



Adorable block.
Yes, that picture is HILARIOUS! I am glad you posted it.
Score! on the furniture! And yes, please. Dish. Not that I'll make it to the big city any time soon, but just in case.


that quilt block is gorgeous and how cute are you holding a sandwich as big as your head. adorable.


I like your block. I'm sure it will look fine with the others - it's eclectic, that's the fun of it. And that sandwich is rather large, but dang it looks yummy!


Love your "bubble" quilt square and would love to see the new little girl bedroom set. I found something similar for my daughter when she moved out of her crib...a cool yellow Ethan Allen set with a hutch to hold all kids of girly stuff.


The quilt square is so fun! I'd love the name of that furniture store. I'm on the hunt for some mid-century pieces. They are so hard to find around here. Thanks!


I can't wait to see the furniture.

That sandwich picture is about the funniest thing I've seen all day.

I LOVE the quilt square. I can imagine all that applique wasn't easy, though. I love the effect, anyway.


I'm pretty sure you just described my girlhood bedroom set! If it has a Miss Piggy sticker on one of the drawers, then you definitely got mine.
I love your bubble quilt square. It is fabulous!


O! I love the quilt block! Inspiring....


Um, that sandwich pic is hilarious. It's HUGE!! You are pregnant though, we'll excuse anything.

Alicia A.

Yes, I need the scoop...


That's a pretty block. And that's a huge sandwich! Haha! You look nervous in that picture actually. Not sure why though. I love sitting outdoors especially when there's a nice view (:


Not only have we been to Caladeisi Island, I think we may have been in that same restaurant! It wasn't in Tarpon Springs, was it?


loving that quilt square! hey, where in florida did you go again???


Love your block!

I've been on the lookout for a bed for my girls room, but haven't had any luck recently. I'm super jealous!!


Oh your square is so so pretty. I love the colors and bubbles :)


i love your bubble block. so perfect for the fabrics.

and i want your sandwich! it looks so tasty. :)


Lovely block.

I'm with Amandajean. I want your sandwich!

Can't wait to see the furniture.


Sounds like a fun project and good finds! Have you selected colors. Aunt Liz needs to know these things!? See you soon. E


What a great blog you have! Thanks for the FL photos - even though I live here, I NEVER tire of seeing the beach! Love the pageant photos too - how very cute! I'll have to remember that next year for a fun girls night.


That's really pretty and creative too! I love it!
I love how giddy you are for the bedroom set for Fidget! I had a similar set when I was 5yo, but mine was in yellow (which I secretly hated at the time). It got handed down to my cousin and has now partly found its way home again. My dd (Dottie) has my old dresser. They kept the nightstand and bed...dangit, lol. Can't wait to see pics of the new bedroom set...I bet its adorable!


I like your "bubbles!" :) And the Florida pictures are much needed on a very, very gray day. Ok, email me the scoop on the local furniture place (I think I remember the set you are talking about in the Penney's catalog...so cute!). Sounds like a place where I could actually buy furniture and not have the thrifty hubs totally flip out...I may need you to come with me because I am not good at spotting good buys (or seeing potential)....

katie Pedersen

I love the quilt block. Always thinking I will do one with raindrops using scraps. Appropriate for Seattle.

Never eat anything bigger than your head.


I love the bubble quilt square! One of these days I am going to get around to trying quilting!!


i love, love that block! the sandwich looks so yummy.
i can't wait to see fidget's big girl room! it sound slike it is going to be beautiful!

TD wool design

i love your quilt block!
so neat!

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