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the horsey top (Butterick 5119, again)

In the end, it turned out just fine.  This is the third time I've made this particular top for Fidget and it is, by far, her favorite.  I suppose all you have to do is choose the right fabric.  Horses, evidently, rank pretty high.


This photo was taken after 3 consecutive wearings, a purple marker gone wild, and a tossing on the floor.  But I know you'll excuse its crumpled, pathetic appearance because you're nice.   (And what about that chunky little bald babe in that photo? *sigh*)

Here's the wee one herself, after I asked her to pose for a picture.  I couldn't help but share.  She thought she was pretty dandy.

I asked her to pose, and..

She liked the little last-minute hairband, too. 

Modifications on B5119, size 3:

- lengthed the "top" A view from the hemline 1 inch
- shortened the sleeve length about 1 inch
- made an elastic casing closure on the sleeve, rather than the ruffle.

This is a great first-timer kind of project.  You don't even need much fabric.  Have fun.  And let me know if you try it, too.  :)



She is so cute! I love that top. Very sweet.

Ashley Ann

Great job on the top! I can't get over how cute she is. What a little beauty!


The top is cute, but my favorite thing in this post is that gorgeous photo!


It's truly adorable (your little girl AND the shirt :) ).
I love it!


You guys look so sweet, love those kind of pictures. She a pretty darn good poser too, ohhh those shoes!

aunt fashionista

So she looks like she is posing for a catalog....Oh boy!!! Great pic as always sis!

Gina Ellerbee

Cute. Cute. Cute. I will have to try it. I love it. Love your photos. She is precious. I can't wait to see her sibling!


That's too adorable! Well done!


Oh, Chris!!! I love the horsey shirt. And the little model posing in her horsey shirt. AND the photo of mama holding her bald-headed baby. So very sweet.


Little Miss Fidget is cute beyond words! What a doll!! I love the top. I may have to give this a try for my niece's birthday this summer. You did say it was a good first-timer project,right?

Jeannine McCloskey

The beauty of this picture is not just your daughter, or her pose, or the top, but everything combined. I love the way she is dressed, and it makes a world of difference. The top no longer looks homesewn but instead more like designerwear, when a touch of class is apparent in the whole presentation. Great work.


Love the shirt, and the headband really makes the outfit! I found a great headband tutorial, but I'd like to know how you made yours (I'm still new to sewing:)


Chris, her top looks super fab! And that baby picture? Oh man.


Everything about this post is so, so adorable - that little fidget is a doll!


The top is so adorable!!(Fidget is adorable also) This would be the perfert top for my twin neices!!


It's beautiful and so is the hairband - love the horses! Your daughter is adorable - wonderful light in the photo too! :)


so so sweet!!! i love the shirt.


I love that. I must get that pattern to make my girls some very cute shirts. LOVE IT!


Chris, wow! I love that top. The fabric is so perfect. Fidget is so sweet. I love that picture of your guys. What a beautiful family.


oh, lord. her, the top, and the photo of the two of you. you're killing me over here.


now that's a great fabric and top! makena would love the horseys!


She is a gem.
If I could only get Maren to wear a shirt. We're dresses only (STILL, insert eye roll.)

UK lass in US

Ah, gorgeous - I don't blame her for liking that fabric, it's beautiful. I've been meaning to make my daughter another peasant blouse top, as her last one is getting a wee bit short. Such an easy project, but I keep putting it off...


not too take away from the great photo, awesome top, & sweet girl, but i was wondering where you found that chair. mind if i ask? :)


it's perfect. absolutely gorgeous!

Mary Smith

Is that a picture of you at the top? How gorgeous! The top is cute too! I can see that Fidget is growing so much!


I love the little shirt, but I must say I love that little girl even more! What a dolly!


Love love love it. I actually picked up the pattern after your last post about it.


That is absolutely the cutest outfit I've seen in a long time! Great job! She looks precious in it too. :)


lordy, she is cute! so is the top.


Very nice! And perfect horse fabric, too.

Stacy T

She is so sweet! :D Cute top too!

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