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January 2009

aprons, aprons everywhere

This year I was on top of teacher gifts.  It's not always like that, so I'm just going to get a little braggy here and say, Yeah, I did it.  This year.

Aprons.  Three of them.  From stash fabric and notions.  Cheap, yes.  Not too time consuming.  Extremely well-received.  The bulk of the cutting was done assembly-style in one afternoon.  I had to get creative with some of the fabric combinations because of yardage constraints.  Each one is completely unique -- I never measure, but I made one longer than the others because Fidget's teacher is, like, an amazon.   I also included several tried and true recipes with personal notes and suggestions, for that little something extra. 

Without further ado, let's begin with the fashion show.

This one went to Fidget's teacher, Ms. Murphy, who wears a lot of green and is so very, very tall.

For Fidget's Teacher

pocket closeup

Up next, something for Ms. Jesse, who also works with Fidget part of the day, and is more likely to wear pink:

For Fidget's other teacher

pocket closeup

Finally, Ms. Hampton received this one from my seventh grader, who insisted that her teacher wears a lot of brown, and was more likely to appreciate a subtle splash of polka dots.  (What?  Giant pink birds and over-sized floral aqua octagons aren't SUBTLE????  mwhahahahaha!)

for the homeroom teacher

pocket and buttons

Thank you, my dear sevvie, for modeling without complaint.  For lifting your arms this way and that, turning and posing and being oh-so-patient with your crazy momma, who was desperate to shoot these before wrapping them up and saying goodbye forever...

So, no, that is NOT my tiny size zero waist. Mine is actually a bit wider these days... and it's not just the Christmas goodies doing the work...Mama's got another little project underway, too. * wink wink *

Here's to 2009! xo