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December Block for Twelve Square

It's that time again.

That time.  Miss America Party time


For those of you who missed out on my M.A. post last year, here's the deal:  We're not serious about it at all (except for maybe my friend Michelle, a former Miss Southern Union and Miss Alabama contestant); it's just another excuse to get together and act silly.  Only with a theme.   Every year, my girlfriends and I get dressed up in thrift store gowns and wear too much makeup and high heels and sashes and feather boas and watch the pageant.  We drink out of champagne flutes and eat like queens off of the nice china.  Some of us wear crowns.  It's very regal, in a tacky way.  And not the last bit uppity. 


Remember last year's yellow chiffon number?  I was a vision.

Well, I can't wear it this year due to the expanding waistline and all.  (Which is a shame, because I earned the name Yellow Belle last year and really like it.)  However, I found this little number at a favorite thrifting spot on Friday:

it's almost that time again 

It's got an empire waist, which is perfect.  The champagne dupioni silk is very pretty, actually.  I'm a little nervous that this particular dress will be a little too, well, nice.  Which is very funny, since I got it for $4.50.  I might have to add some tacky jewels to the front or something.  Not sure exactly.

This year's pageant is Saturday, January 24.   It's not too late to set up your own party.  Really.  I highly recommend it.  You can always wear that bridesmaid's dress that the bride said 'you could always wear again.'



That sounds like such a fun party!


ok, that's funny b/c the bridesmaid dress i had was a maternity one b/c i was 7 mo preg.

you should still do your big party!

have fun with it!


*L* I'm a former Miss WA contestant, and we do a Miss America party, too. Only it involves sweat pants and ice cream :)


If I had just a little more time I would so be all over this. What fun!

(And I am sad that I couldnt see the flickr photos. I dont think I knew you last year at this time?)

Alicia A.

that dress looks like it could be really pretty cute on you! you will definitely have to "fancy" it up. how about a feather boa?


so pretty!!! haha and what a great find! can i buy it off you when you're done? =P


haha I remember the yellow number!
What a fun party idea, totally cool. I think I'd add the faux gems to that gown and top it off with some over the top hugh rhinetone earrings and a hugh tiara...maybe this year they can call you the Sparkle Belle (kinda fitting since you are "glowing", hehe)LOL I love that you do this with your friends! Can I come too? :p hehe!


that sounds like so much fun! you are so funny.


What a beautiful dress!

Have a great party!

jessie s.

That sounds so fun! I wish I had just a little bit more time to plan!

Stacey Van Landingham

Years ago when I lived in DC, a bunch of us who waited tables together would charter a bus and head up the Jersey Turnpike to Atlantic City for the pageant. I went twice.. it was a hoot, and we only came close to being kicked out once. Have fun!


I remember that post from last year, what a fun thing to do with your girl friends. Its not like we still get to go to prom or anything so a good excuse to get an updo and fancied up! Can't wait to see you in your new dress.


Wow. That came 'round faster than I expected.
Your new dress looks waaaayyyy too nice to have only been $4.50. You have the best thift store luck! I swear. :)
And when you're done with it, I'll bet you could cut it up and make something smashing.

Joanne (The Simple Wife)



Now you've got me thinking about those two OLD bridesmaids dresses I've been hanging on to since 1992.... Oh the possibilities! Wonder if they still fit?


you are fabulous!

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