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It's that time again.

So random, I can't come up with a title.

leftover temptation 

I can't seem to put these away.  The candy canes are the only thing left from Christmas around here; major cleaning is still in process. 

Today the sofa slipcover is in the wash, which is a necessity when you can see shoeprints on its kick pleats and bookclub is here next Monday.  I have to say, having an off-white slipcover shows me exactly how dirty things can get.  It makes me look at my other furniture and think, hmmmm...  It doesn't help that we have a golden retriever who likes to snooze with her back to the couch in the same spot every day.  A lot of that dirt is from her.  But I'm pretty sure the pen marks and smudges on the cushions are not.  Anyway, I don't mind washing it.  I really like knowing it's clean. 

Speaking of bookclub, has anyone else read "The Double Bind" by Chris Bohjalian?  I really enjoyed it, but it is the kind of book that you can easily ruin for someone just by talking about it.  Just imagine The Great Gatsby + photography + mental illness.  I'm sure that cleared it up for you.  Ha.  The end did catch me by surprise, so I can't wait to discuss this with my fellow bookclubbers.  Now I just have to figure out what to serve for dinner and we'll be ready.

16 weeks

One more note.  I promise I am not going to turn this into a pregnancy blog.  But I did go to the doctor today and we have a strong heartbeat, which is such a relief.  Also, since I am considered 'high risk' due to my 'advanced age' (ahem), I automatically qualify for a Level II ultrasound for my next appointment in February.  There will be lots of detailed measuring to confirm healthy growth and normal development.  I'm hoping not to be so paranoid after that session.  

Oh, another thing.   We really don't want to find out the gender, so hopefully they can keep that under wraps, too. Fingers crossed.  I found out with the other two, and since this is my last chance at experiencing this miracle, I want to look at my husband and have him tell me in his own words whether we'll need the blue or pink going home outfit.  I can't even imagine how awesome that would be :)

Have a happy weekend!



ooooo, you look so cute! I love that shot. Oh! I hate the tests - isn't it nice to be so old and decrepit before the age of 40?! I guess that makes me damn near dead! :O)

Mrs. DD

What a sweet picture. I just know everything is going to be OK. I still have candy canes out as well. Some things are just too good to be seasonal!

aunt fashionista

I love love love that belly!


I'm really so very happy for you.

I've had a few of the Level II/III sonos in my past. Except, I think I'm a *bit* older than you.


I'm so very excited for you and your family. I don't mind one bit if you turn this into a pregnancy blog.

I know I've said it before, but I just have to say (again) that you have the most gorgeous light in your house. All your photos have this pretty ethereal quality to them. I really love it.


Oh, I so admire your self control - a whiff of possibility of discovering the gender of my offspring and I was begging the professional in question to tell me!


That is just about the sweetest sentiment I have ever heard!


That's a beautiful picture (:

Do blog about your pregnancy if you feel like it. It's a happy journey!


Don't worry...
It's amazing to hear the excitement of a new mom!!

I love the candies!!!!


I love the pop rocks peeking through the candy canes,(i still have a bowl out too and they are still being eaten). I am so excited for you Chris, glad everything went well. I hope you get your surprise:)


that baby belly makes me sooo happy. yay you!!!!

amy h

What a cute belly you have there!

Yeah, I have a white dust ruffle on my bed, and the dog is constantly rubbing up against it. It is gross. And I hate pulling the mattress off every time to wash it!


Listening to hubby tell you sounds like a perfect moment.... I wish you the best of luck with this pregnancy. Does Fidget know she is going to be the BIG sister yet?

UK lass in US

Ah, I could never wait to find out. My kids kept being shy and crossing their legs, but they eventually gave us a glimpse on one of the ultrasounds - the one good thing about having a funny test result during pregnancy was I got to see the wee things again and again during all the ultrasounds...

I always felt that the ultrasounds gave me lots of peace of mind. Best wishes.


I just found your blog and am having so much fun reading and seeing all your neat ideas! Thanks for creating such a fun place for me to visit!

Mrs. Doodle

Oh don't find out. I did that with my little one. It was so hard to not find out but it was so cool to have a surprise after all of that time. I mean when they held her up and said it was a girl... it was too beautiful... a beautiful moment. All of the nurses were excited too because they had been with me most of the day and then they got to find out when I did. It was really a cool thing. Something that me and my husband got to find out and have as our own before everyone else.... that was cool too. It was special.

So I hoped that helped some. :) Sweet belly pic too. Enjoy it.

Gina Ellerbee

Oh thanks for the pics. I don't mind if you turn it into a pregnancy blog... I can't believe we're of "advanced age." Can you? I still feel like I'm 21... until I have to get up early in the morning and my back feels like it's breaking or when I look in the mirror and see all the gray hair! Excited for you!


It really is so exciting to hear "it's a..." in the delivery room!


I promise..waiting is the most wonderful surprise ..ever. You're adorable per usual. And my candy canes would still be out if I hadn't eaten them all....long before Xmas. :)




it is awesome finding out the gender at birth. we found out with our first two from the ultrasounds, and then we did the exact same thing that you are planning...not find out the gender for our third. it was fantastic!!! i'd highly recommend it!


Oh, I am sooooo excited for you! I would be okay with a pregnancy blog if that made you happy. Whatever, it is great to hear you are doing so well! Love, love, love, Liz


I love that picture of the candy canes ... and your description of the book ... and your growing baby!!! lots of love to you.

Lisa Clarke

I'm so behind on blog-reading, I must have missed the baby news - congratulations! May those tests bring you peace of mind. I know how nerve-wracking that can be...

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