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and we're back...

Hello from Florida!

I lost track of time this week...


...and ended up in Florida on a mini vacation at my folks' house just outside of Tampa.  Whoops, that came fast. 

Mom, the twelve year-old and I went antiquing in Tarpon Springs today.   Antique stores are always a good eye opener for me, considering I am used to spending less than $8 on a full outing at local thrift stores.  I wish I could remember all the cool stuff I saw.  More than once I thought of a friend or two at home who would flip over something so perfectly retro. There was a fantastic mid-century booth in one of the shops that blew my mind.  It had one of those stereo systems that looked like it was from the future with it's white plastic egg-shaped body and curvy stand.  We picked up a bright orange vinyl wallet complete with notepad and pen for my middle-schooler.  It reminded me of those little plastic envelope 'purses' that came with Barbies back in the day.

That particular district is very Greek, so we ate well.  Everything smelled so good and the people were friendly and warm. The 12yo decided she liked baklava very much, indeed. 

Miss America Party pics and review will have to wait until ourreturn. I'm still waiting on some photos from the others (ahem); it wouldn't be right to just post pics of the others when I know you'd love to see my preggo belly in an evening gown. 

It sounds like my friends in KC will have decent weather this weekend, so here's so sunshine and skipping outdoors sans parkas for us all.  What a treat.



We used to live right down the road from Tarpon Springs. My big iron bed came from a shop there, and I really, really miss the souvlaki at plakos.


Enjoy your little vacation. A little greek food sounds yummy!

Mrs. DD

Sounds like fun. Florida sounds great and warm! I liked your quilt in the last post. Wonderful cause!


Sounds like a wonderful time. Remember how peaceful they are "before" they come out! Enjoy Mommy!


Baklava?!!! You're making me homesick for Greektown in Detroit! How sad is that...that and spinich pie. YUM BIG TIME! Can't even get a decent coney dog in Indiana! (state offense)


Lovely picture! Sunny, warm, family, baklava... sounds like a wondeful vacation!!


Send a little warmth my way, OK.


I like that photograph. Very pretty (:

Have a great time!


Wow,very nice photo! what kind of camera is that?


i am jealous! sounds like you are having a great time.


Have fun and soak up all that sunshine :)


You sneak. Hope the fesh air and sunshine were a welcome break. :) Can't wait to see you this Saturday!


Hi, just wanted to say that I've enjoyed your blog today. not totally sure how i got here.
love, love the little horse shirt. My 7 year old daughter is sooo into horses right now, in fact she is working on her own quilt with some horse fabric.


Ahhhhh...Tarpon Springs! I've spent many a week there visiting my in-laws. The Greek food (Plakas - The Greek Answer to McDonald's!, says the sign), The Mullet Boat (best She-Crab soup in the world) and the antiques and artsy shops downtown...

Not to mention the warm weather! Since it's 16 degrees here in MI, I feel a tiny bit envious.

Have fun. I am sure enjoying your blog...


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