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The Miss America Party was a whole lot of fun.  I'm still sorting through photos, though, so it may be another day before I can share them in all their glory.  Let me tease you by saying that my sister showed up in something a la "27 Dresses", only without the shepherd's hook.  For reals. 


My sister and I went thrifting on Saturday.  She was able to take advantage of my luck, and we found her Perfect Party Dress ($3.50, on sale), three cooling racks she had said she needed (.50 ea), and few chunky sweaters that will do her some good in this delightful winter weather.  In fact, I think she was getting ice today in her neck of the woods.  Stay warm, sis.


I also happened to have a bit of luck as I had recently been telling hubs that I wanted a cast iron skillet, but had priced them and really wasn't sure which one to invest in.  Maybe it was just the ones I was looking at, but gol-ly.  Those things can be expensive.

Good thing I turned around on Saturday and saw the one waiting for me for 5 bucks.  Check.  That's a good day.   


These photos are of a baby sized quilt I made for Carrie's biannual donation to her local children's hospital in memory of her little Mae.  Both sides are from new-in-package vintage sheets.  The colors are cheery, and I hope it brings a smile to a little one. 

Fidget was so interested in this blanket. I used the yellow sheet in the nap blanket that she had used every day for a year, so she liked that hers was 'the same' as the one we were sending to the sick children in the hospital.  It was so sweet to see her think about mommy's project and want a connection, too.



this is so beautiful!
sounds like you had a great weekend.

Sarah Jackson

that quilt is so so sweet, Chris. I love it, and the sentiment behind it.


Oh my, that's so sweet. I can picture the equally adorable baby, all wrapped up inside.
And I love the bassinet too. Is that for your future little one? Or is it a doll cradle?


Beautiful blanket!


I thought those might be sheets, what a great idea. I love what you did with them, they turned out beautiful.


beautiful chris!!


oh, i love that quilt!!! the polka dot binding is just perfect!!!


Beautiful quilt, Chris. Just lovely.

How ya feeling these days??


That is so adorable. And I like the idea of using sheets. I'm also a thrifter so... I guess I'll be looking for some sheets. What a great project.


Ha, I just found my much needed skillets too! I cannot wait to see the Miss America pics from this year.


I am crazy over that quilt! beautiful, so simple, i just love it.


Chris it looks beautiful!!!! I can't wait to bring it to the hospital....whomever gets that quilt will be such a lucky little girl. Thanks again for making are so sweet :)


What a sweet, sweet quilt!

re: cast iron skillets - Cook's Illustrated usually has Lodge pre-seasoned skillets high on their recommended lists. You can buy them inexpensively at any big box store, I think.


that is such a pretty little quilt. And the cast iron skillets -- yeah. I still don't have one.

amy h

Huh? Cast iron skillets are like the cheapest thing you can buy for your kitchen. Of course, mine had to be seasoned at home -- it wasn't preseasoned.

Pretty quilt!


Your quilt is so pretty--looks really soft and snuggly. I hear you about the cast iron skillet--EXPENSIVE!


Funny, funny! I asked for a cast iron skillet for Christmas and my mother-in-law came through! Love it! Oh, and the quilts are beautiful. They will make some litte person feel very special.


This week is hitting me hard and I am JUST NOW checking blogs this week. Can't wait for the party pics. That green polka dot binding is ADORABLE. Well. The whole quilt is adorable. The binding just makes it pop.



I love the binding, too. I just makes the whole thing.

Has it really been a year that I have been reading you? It seems like some of the first posts I read on your blog were from your Miss America party last year. Fun!

UK lass in US

The quilt is a beauty - the dotty binding is just perfect for it. I think they will love snuggling in that instead of a hospital blanket.


Thrifting sounds awesome and that's a really cute blanket!

katie Pedersen

I saw that quilt on her site. What a wonderful thing. I use to have the yellow sheet on my bed when I was a kid.

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