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real cookies and a virtual quilting bee

And whoosh!  It's December 9th.  How the heck is this happening?  Better start baking.

sugar cookies, year 9.

That is what the girls and I did on Saturday.  We used the original Better Homes and Gardens Sugar Cookie Cutout recipe.  My cookbook is about 35 years old, so you know it's made with the good stuff.  And we topped them with Martha's royal icing recipe

We've made these cookies from scratch for the last 9 years.  It's mess, but totally worth it.  We also make about 10 different colors of frosting.  Pink and blue trees are totally acceptable.

royal icing, per martha's instructions.

This year Fidget helped, too.  She was very protective of her cookies and her work. 


And, finally.  My late block for Jessica's November Autumn-themed Twelve Square quilt.  She sent me the green and brown fabrics, and I added the florals from my stash. 

Nov block for Jessica

There was so much green to use, so I got this crazy idea to gather long strips and sew them into the block.  Autumn for me is all about textures, so I thought this added an unexpected crinkliness.  I hope she likes it.  I really hope it doesn't mess up the quilting part.   

November Block :: Jessica :: from pinkpicketfence

For the gathered edge that hangs off (bottom left in this picture), I left a topstitched edge hanging over the quilt square, so it wouldn't lose the gather before she attached this square to others.  I can't wait to see how it all turns out.



oohhh. nice quilt block. i love the crinkles! and the florals you added are wonderful too.
i'm not sure when or if we'll have time to make sugar cookies. with the december birthday boy at our house, the whole month is one big party - and an exercise in keeping the house clean. ;)


What would I do to taste your biscuits!!!???

They look really good! And funny too! wow!

aunt fashionista

Well we should have had a bake-off between your cookies and the ones that were made at my house last weekend! I don't want to brag, but here I go....little miss 6 year old who we will call AZ gave me first place in our contest. I got a 1st place ribbon and everything! Yup, pretty cool! Good times with the cookies!


The block looks great! I love the crinkliness too.


this has got to be my favorite block yet--i adore those gathers and crinkles!


My goodness, I love, love the square!!! Every day when I go to the mail box and find new squares it makes my day. I cannot wait to see this square in person!!!


I love quilts! I like the brown fabric you used :)


Now this would be the incredibly appealing thing about a virtual quilting bee -- new and fun ideas. I would have never in a million years thought to gather the fabric on a quilt, but I really like the effect!

I haven't started any baking yet. Hopefully on Saturday.


Mmm, cookies! My Fidget has been begging for us to bake. I guess I better get on that...

I love the quilt block! I think it will look great with the other blocks.


your quilt block is stunning! really inspiring. those cookies look so yummy. i love all the different colors of icing.


We are baking on Saturday! I think sugar cookies are in order. That's the same icing recipe we use. :)

Love your quilt block!


The cookies look delicious! I love the gathered block too.


There is just something about sugar cookies. I really hate to make them, they are a pain, and when I am finished I feel like a big sticky mess, BUT, I do love a pretty sugar cookie and yours are so cute and sweet. I love your square and especially the gathered part, an interesting twist.


I love the gathers in your quilt block. you did a lovely job!


I've never seen gathering on a quilt like that - very pretty. Your blog pictures are gorgeous too. Happy New Year!

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