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post Christmas daze

New to me, a good old read.

Fidget's new favorite book in our house:

Fidget's new (old) favorite book

Night Before Christmas Vintage Pop up Book

I cannot tell you how excited I was to find this little Random House popup book book earlier this year while antiquing.  I thought it was a steal at 7.50, and a quick check online confirmed it. It is in perfect condition and totally takes me back to  my childhood.  Fidget is being very careful with the pull tabs because she knows it is special, but she can hardly contain her excitement either.

flaps everywhere

 Published in 1967, designed by Paul Taylor and illustrated by Marvin Brehm, this pop-up version of The Night Before Christmas takes me back to the imagery of my childhood, although I doubt we ever would have owned something this fancy.  The illustration is so folksy and kitschy and fun.  I can't stop staring at the detail.

throwing open the sash...

 All the photos above are clickable and worth viewing at higher resolution over at flickr, I promise.  There are several more pages, but without the motion, you do lose a bit of the magic, so I didn't shoot them all...


It's blustery, white and cold outside today.  Perfect Christmastime weather, although it is giving drivers headaches... be careful out there, local friends.  xoxo


Joanne (The Simple Wife)

How lovely!

I love that children are careful--I never hesitate to let my girls and their friends use my good china and crystal and silver. Once I tell them it's special, they are always careful!

(Though the other moms sometimes gasp in horror, saying "Are you SURE?)

Have fun reading!



Oh, my. Some of the illustrations look eerily familiar! I love that story. I have several different ones, but nothing this cool.

Alicia A.

So cute!

How's Fidget's cough been this year? We've been so much better over here- though I probably shouldn't say that out loud- I'll jinx it.


So fabulous.
Stay warm, my friend. Did you get a snow day?

amy h

This is one of the better Night Before Christmases I've seen. I was looking for one a few years ago. We ended up with the Jan Brett one, but this one is really fun.


I remember this book!!!
Thanks for the delightful trip down memory lane : )


What a great find!


Pop-ups are magical, aren't they. My little ones adore them as well.


White Christmases are wonderful, aren't they? I've always wanted to have a white Christmas. One day, I will!

Nice entry :) That's a cute book!


Sometimes I wish I could live in the pictures of old books. That book looks wonderful!


My children and I enjoy reading this story every night leading up to Christmas--but what fun it would be to read it from the pop up book!

Sue Rodefer

My children enjoyed this book so much when they were little, 30 years ago, and now my granddaughter loves it. My copy is so badly damaged. Does anyone know where I might find another copy?


wow! that looks amazing. i have to get that for my kiddos.


Are you kidding me? This is so awesome I'm jealous. JEALOUS.


That is just wonderful! Wish I had one! I love popup books!

Miss Liz

Hope you all are enjoying a fun holiday season. Your pictures sure bring back great memories! Thanks for sharing. Give the girls my love and tell them their presents are still in the making. I am working as fast as I can!

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