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Decking the halls

Busy here.  Busy there.  Who isn't?  Just pictures today because the sun is shining and filling the house with light.

bannister garland

inside is cozy

Peeking at the tree.  Fake, yes.  My hands break out in a terrible itch if I touch the real stuff.



And a cheapo skinny little wooden tree I picked up somewhere long ago that looks good no matter where it ends up.  Don't you love stuff like that?   


Old Red Barn Co.

Looks beautiful.

I'm from the midwest too (lived in KC for many years) and I love to visit your blog.


We always had a real tree -- trek out to the tree farm all four kids in tow until 2 years ago when it was a mud pit and we had to strip the kids almost naked before they could get in the car! That was it. No more tree farms and real trees. Funny, but I don't miss having a real one the way I thought I would -- it's nice to have a green tree for the entire month. There were years when we had a bush of sticks with ornaments hanging on it by New Year's Day! Your home is looking mighty festive! I love decorating the banister too. Ryan came home yesterday and it was all green and lit and he said "OH YEAH! NOW IT"S CHRISTMAS!"


pretty! we have garland on our stairs, but just with lights and ribbon. we started getting a real tree again last year (so we don't have one yet) and i LOVE it, i'm sorry you're allergic!

Alicia A.

you all are all decked out.
hope you're having a nice start to the season!


I can't believe youhave a bowl of glass balls out... Finn would be into it like nothing! Is Izzy good with that stuff?


So very pretty, Chris. I am loving that little tree.

Mary Smith

Your house looks gorgeous. Absolutely gorgeous.


Yes, I love the random buys like that wooden tree. That happens to me with clothes too....the $4 clearance shirt from Old Navy becomes the biggest staple of my wardrobe.
I love that tree!


Ohhh! Your home looks so sparkley and pretty!

Lisa Clarke

I love all of the light you have in your house! And you decorations are so festive. Can't wait to get my place all decked-out!


We have our (fake) tree up but that's about it. I need to get busy!


Your house is very merry! I love the wreath on the stand. Very cute!

I also love the Santa in front of the advent calendar. So funny and so something my boys would do. :)


That skinny wooden tree is so awesome I think you should have it out all year 'round!


I love your Christmas decorations... they are gorgeous!


Beautiful! Love all the pictures!! And yes, I love stuff that look good no matter where they end up! Wheee!


Pretty!! We finally gave into the fake tree last year. After much searching (on my part) I finally chose one and when I got it home, it didn't look so good. But I couldn't let my husband drag the 500 lb beast back so I have to make it work! It's only up for a month anyways.


oh, i love all of your decorations! beauitufl pictures.


I love the skinny wooden tree!


Your pictures are so pretty. Everything looks great!

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