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Been keeping busy over here.  Decorating.  Eating.  Planning.  Scheming.

Our Thanksgiving was busy and fun and full.  What more can you ask?  (I do wish I hadn't been battling a head cold, but it's all good now.  Have you ever used one of those personal steam inhalers?  Heaven.  Thanks, Michelle, for letting  me borrow yours!)

I'm behind on my November 12 Square block for Jessica (but I know what I'm going to do, I promise!).  This week!  I have to admit I was relieved when I opened Kristena'sswatches and explicit instructions for a crazy log cabin square.  Whew!  There are also a few aprons in the works for teacher gifts.  I'll share all of it soon.    

Also, I just found out yesterday that the spaghetti-strapped dress my daughter (and those of all the girls she knows) is wearing to the Winter Dance is Not Appropriate, so we will also be fashioning more appropriate, wider straps that match her particular shade of purple satin by the end of this week.   Does Hobby Lobby carry dress fabrics?  I really don't want to go all the way to Joanns for a quarter yard....

advent house

This year I buckled and bought an advent calender house thingy.  Every year I have grandiose ideas of making a calendar, and reality sets in.  So far, I'm planning on notes with things to do, and tiny candy surprises.  Nothing outrageous.  The girls are not up at the same time in the morning (my poor middle schooler catches the bus at 6:45), so we opened the first door last night after dinner.  The note read:

December is a time for rejoicing, memories and sweets,
We are lucky to mark each day
with little surprises and treats.
Here's to a Merry Christmas Season, sweet sisters!

Oh yes, it's corny. But they loved it.  Fidget kept putting the note back and reopening the door.  See that Santa standing out front?  They staged it.  Hilarious.  Looks like he is trying to decide which door gets the treat. 

tiny little santa from japan

I picked up this little (tiny! Less then 2 inches) Santa a couple weeks ago while thrifting.  I think he's adorable.

Things are in full swing around here.  I miss posting so frequently, but I'm trying to keep it all in check.  You know how it goes.  Happy December, friends.



yes! happy december to you too. i love it all. glad you are feeling better.

Joanne Heim

Hi friend!

I love your little Santa. Seriously, next time I'm driving through I need to add some time to thrift with you. I never find stuff like that!



Waht cute little Santas :) Love them!


Hello there - I miss you :)


Glad to see your post : )

I could just squeal at how cute that little Santa is ... absolutely *wonderful*!


What a cute little Santa! I wanted to make an advent calendar too, but December came too fast. Maybe next year...

Glad you got the fabric & that the instructions were welcome. I wondered if "scrappy log cabin" would be too boring. :)


I have always wanted to make an advent calendar! ALWAYS! Have I? No. I was sure I would make one this year, but since it's now December 2 at 11:23PM and I'm still -- planning -- I think it's safe to say that I missed it...AGAIN! And, I love that little santa at the end! Too cute.


I don't celebrate Christmas. But I'm really in the mood for Christmas!! Happy December! And that's a really cute little Santa!


Aprons for teacher gifts... I might have to steal that idea. Of course, I'm horribly behind already so we'll see if teachers even get handmade gifts this year. ;o)

Love the first photo! So pretty and festive.


Today is Blog Comment Day.
I have chosen your blog to add my comment to today.
I have enjoyed reading your blog. Your photos add a nice personal touch.
I hope you have a perfect day.
Many Blessings


Happy December to you too!


Your house is looking wonderful! I just love the staircase!!! I get a rash from putting up the fake trees too. Might be dust or that strange feeling you get in your fingertips when you open the branches.


While I am no longer surprised... I bought the very same advent house (just different colors) today at Target!

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