Christmas Thrifty

Window Dressing

It's beginning to look more like Christmas around here.


Even in the kitchen.

decking the curtains

Several yards of grosgrain tied onto ornaments, attached to the curtain rings.  This is a new addition to my hall-decking this year, and it is yielding quite a bit of pop for the effort. 

Any tricks up your sleeves?



i am so loving this!


This is gorgeous!!!


Very cute! I haven't even begun to think of decorating yet. :o)


Are they plastic? I've seen so many ornaments hanging from windows this year, but I have to tell you, my Jack attack is not too kind to the curtains. I can just see glass ornaments smashing around as he dances in the curtains chasing cats. LOL

I have nothing up my sleeves this year. Nothing. I have not even started the big tree yet. The big tree that takes bloody forever. Must.get.over.cold.and.get.going.


Love this!


That looks great! I do something similar on the stairway. I like it at the windows!


Very pretty. And festive.


That looks fantastic! Very simply but dramatic.

Alicia A.



Nice! I'm looking for non breakables one for my entryway. I did a small project that involves branches on my blog. Have some cute ornaments for it too but I'll need to take a pic of it.


Nothing that even comes close to you! I'm in awe...


Simple & stylish!


Eek, I don't even want to think about Christmas yet - it's all coming too quickly!!


What a cool idea! Looks very festive!
I haven't even started yet...

I make a "valance" out of Christmas lights and hang them on my windows. I think it looks pretty cool to have "light" curtains, plus it give a nice warm glow at night...unless you have it set to flashing, LOL

Lisa Clarke

What a nifty, low-maintenance, high-impact idea (just my kind of project, LOL!)


I thought I was looking at pictures from a Martha magazine. That's your house???! Too cute. I LOVE it. One day I'll have a house and do fun stuff like that too. So, no. No tricks up my sleeve this year.

Kate Davis

I just love this!! So simple yet looks soooooo good!


I am looking at my curtain rings with renewed enthusiasm!


I'm going to try something like this. Or maybe I'll use this as INSPIRATION! Thanks.

amelia studio

These are really cool! I'm afraid they wouldn't be long for this world in my house though. Even if I used shatterproof ornaments, they would be ripped from the ceiling. And if I put them up high, chairs and stools would be stacked. But they are very pretty.

Mary Smith

Beautiful idea!


love it! simple, yet festive.


I would love to do the hangie ball things...but the cat would have way too much fun.

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