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We're heading out in a few hours to see my inlaws and celebrate Thanksgiving.  On the road with millions of others, juggling kids, suitcases, thanksgiving dishes, and a dog in the 'way back'.  This year will be a small table of 6, which is nice and cozy.  I'm sure we will still manage to eat too much, work a puzzle and fall asleep early.

Anyway, I thought I'd wish anyone stopping by a wonderful start to the holiday season.  I hope everyone gets a chance to hug their loved ones and remember the many ways we are so very blessed. 




Happy Thanksgiving! Have a safe trip!

Ulla V.

A very happy Thanksgiving to you too. We don't celebrate Thanksgiving in Denmark, but soon it will be the 1st of December and then Christmas will be near ;0)


A very happy Thanksgiving to you and yours! May you have a safe journey "over the river and through the woods."


Happy Thanksgiving to you, too, Chris!

Alicia A.

Safe travels, friend.
Happy Thanksgiving!

amelia studio

Happy Thanksgiving, Chris. Travel safely and eat well.


Happy Thanksgiving to one and all!


No more exams!


Right back at you, Chris!


Oh, a table of 6 sounds dreamy. The chaos of our large family is fun. But often it sounds nice to be low-key, small, and spend a couple hours working on a puzzle.
Happy Thanksgiving!


I hope you had a great time away, are you home? Your blog is definitely helping me to feel "Christmassy"! : )


Happy belated Thanksgiving! :)

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