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Christmas Thrifty

oh, how my mind wanders.

Looks like I've taken a bit of a blog break.  Unintentional, but I haven't had much to post about. Lots of things floating about in my mind, though.  For instance: 

The upcoming holidays.

Little giftish projects.  Things I can't post here, unfortunately.  Peekers.

New recipes -- I'm cooking a lot more lately.  Not a bad thing.  Not so great for the waistline, though.  Most of my recipes have involved heavy cream lately.  Yu-Um.

My November block for Twelve Square.  I'm not sure what direction to take it.

Friends.  I am so lucky to have good ones.


Paying 1.69 for gas.  I know it will be short lived, but I'm enjoying it nonetheless.

Socks.  I need some more.   Last year's all seem to have holes in them.  Did I never cut my toenails?  What's up with that?  I am loving funky patterned knee highs.

Knock off Uggs.  I want some.  Every year I treat myself to new slippers because I work at home, and every year I trash them completely.   Slippers, evidently, are not meant to be worn 12 hours a day.  I think KOU's would fit the comfy-but-durable bill just fine.

My hair.  I loved it short this summer, but now that the wintry cold is kissing the back of my neck (even indoors!) I wonder if it is time to grow it out a bit.  Better make up my mind before my appt on Saturday.

The Twilight movie.  What's the deal?  Should I read the books?  Is it something so culturally significant that I am handicapping myself socially by not getting sucked in? 

See?  It's all random and strange.  But there you go.

What's on your mind?



Well, all I can say is I haven't read the Twilight books but Molly has read them TWICE!


Yeah, I have the same question about twilight. And the holidays are VERY much on my mind. And this week I've been busy with getting baked potatoes and brownies to school for teacher lunches/dinner during parent teacher conferences.


I did read the Twillight series, took hardly any time, fast reads and a good story. I'm sure the books will be much better than the movies.

Sarah Jackson

me - it's the Christmas gifts that I can't post. Eating fall/winter food which is so much heartier and more satisfying than spring and summer. The stupid "check engine" light in my car, after I spent so much money on the other car last month. Boots that don't have high pointy heels - comfy boots. Making pants for my girl who hates all but elastic waist pants. Oh, and doll clothes. Obsessed by making doll clothes.

Tara Reynolds

Twilight. You aren't missing anything. Really... not a thing. I read the first one and had to force myself to keep going about three different times. Great story but very poorly executed.
Cook something else with heavy cream and eat it instead.


What?? $1.96?!


Oh, Twilight! I *devoured* the book in one weekend. I mean, abandon-the-family-and-read-in-the-bathtub kind of a weekend. I do think it's one of those series with so many cultural references that it helps to be in the know (and not just on facebook).


$1.69 for gas?!?!?! Are you kidding me!??!?! I thought we were doing good at $2.30 here. So so sad. :(


What's on my mind? That's an easy question.


Take care!


I just paid $1.95 for gas yesterday and wanted to do a happy dance at the pump when it cost less than $40 for 3/4 of a tank! Woot! Woot!

And I agree that I need more long, funky, fun socks. Mine wore out at the heel. Not the toenails.


those books = good. :) I doubt the movie will be as sensational, but you only have to make it through the first book in the series to be ready for the movie. I've heard there will be future movies for the other three books. That could be nonsense, but I'm counting on it.

(p.s. I do have books 2 & 3 if you'd like them. I was to mail them on to a friend in CA after finishing them, but she got fidgety and went and bought them herself. They are quite addicting.)


I'm into funky knee highs lately too!


really, your head sounds like mine!
I think you should get the KOU's! I have two pairs, wear them all the time. SO nice and warm. i like the one's at target the best! Go get some!


Holidays for sure!

I got gas for $1.67. So ha! ;)

I hope gas stays low through the winter like they are prediciting! *fingers crossed*


I haven't read any of the Twilight books either. Maybe we can start a new club?


I don't know what you're making, but heavy cream sounds heavenly. I haven't read Twilight either, but all my middle school girls LOVE it and tell me I HAVE to read it.


Read the Twilight series.....soooo good!


I plan on being the only woman over 20 at the Twilight premier next weekend and I'm dragging my husband along too! I read all 4 of them super fast and then reread the first book. Very fluffy, but sooooo goooood. As for slippers, I have a pair for stepping outside, and a pair for inside, I go through a couple pairs a year:) I cut my hair this summer too and am feeling the same way, I miss my hair! Too bad we didn't save it and we could make extensions. Have a great weekend!

amy h

My sister gave me literally about twenty pairs of knee-high striped socks for Christmas last year, so I'm covered there.

Twilight: I just finished book 2 not 5 minutes ago. That's why I'm on the computer. Taking a breather before diving into book 3. I was an English major, so no, I don't think these books are literary masterpieces. But good storytelling? Indeed! Who wants to read masterpieces all the time? :) I'm a sucker for anything romantic, and if you add suspense, I'm glued. Seriously though, block out some time for them because I'm not getting ANYTHING else done. At all.


funky knee highs sound perfect! my daughter has a few pairs i wish i could steal.

on twilight - well, i just finished the fourth book in a 36 hour period. 700 plus pages. they are certainly not pieces of literature, but man oh man did i enjoy the escape. don't we all? easy read, fun story. now i'm on the fence about seeing the movie, afraid i will be disappointed and that all the images i've conjured in my head of characters and settings will be wiped out by hollywood. i'm very grateful that's my only real problem right now :)


comfy socks - you can never have too many!

Yeah...I don't get the whole Twilight thing either and geesh, even my mom is trying to get me to read them, lol (ps..I didn't even know there was a movie out too, lol)

gas - $2.07 today, dangit, yesterday was $1.98 ....why do I always pick the wrong day to fill up? Grrr, lol

slippers - omg, you can never have enough of those either and I think treating yourself to really nice ones every year is a must! (I would buy the knock-offs too though, but that's just me, lol)

other random things on my mind lately...well, you actually. HUGS!

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