Halloween Postscript
Fall at the Kansas City Zoo


fall branches

Still savoring the golden light of fall.

Branches from our crabapple? cherry? berry? tree in a pitcher on the kitchen table.  Love.  Although the leaves are very droppy.

Managing (with little success) fall allergies that cause my eyelids to turn to sandpaper.  Ouch.

Catching up on work, which is tricky when the monitor hurts my eyes.

Looking superbly cool in my glasses with a pair of large round sunglasses OVER them while driving.  Because it is very awesome to enter a restaurant to meet your friend for lunch, remove your oversized cheapo target sunglasses, only to reveal your real specs underneath.  It's like I'm still dressed up for Halloween, only as a total dorkwad.



You are the farthest person I know from dorkwad....
I hear you on the allergies. My whole family.... aidin coughing all night from the post-nasal drippiness.... blech.
I may have to go out back and cut a branch or two....


I had to laugh out loud at the word dorkwad. It is such a word that I would use.

The branch is so pretty. Happy Fall!

Sarah Jackson

you are too funny. I've had to do that before too. Not fun.


Well. You know the real reason I didn't meet you girls for lunch........just kidding!

Hope the drop in temps tonight help ya! xo


i just love that you used the word dorkwad. And you know what's worse than the double specs? The transitions lenses. Oh yes, I had some of those for a while and if I got in a bright spot in a restaurant the glasses would try to darken. so chic.

melissa s.

hope you feel better (loving that term 'dorkwad' though!)

amy h

I do double glasses all the time. I even choose my sunglasses based upon how well they cover my real glasses. I'll not be spending any money on prescription sunglasses. I'd rather be a dorkwad. :)


I like dorkwad! It sounds so 80's -- and who didn't love the 80's?! I asked Jason the other day to be a good doobie and help me. He said "aaah, mom...you do know what a doobie is, right? You're like asking me to be a good drug." Oh for God's sake! That's not the doobie I meant! I meant the doobie who does whatever his mom says. So go scoop the dog mess you good little doobie you! NOW!


I hope you feel better. I am just now beginning to experience allergies - and I'm 38! Who knew you could develop them later in life.


Hahahahaa! You're funny!


We have been hit hard by the fall allergies - all my kids haev been suffering and I've had a sinus headache for about a month now. I'm loving the fall light too. I catch myself just staring out the window looking at the leaves.

Tara Reynolds

Sorry to hear about those allergies... sounds like a bummer. Love your take on the double glasses though. Work it, girl.

Mary Smith

I was admiring your photo so much. Do you mind if I take a copy of it? Just gorgeous! What a great idea to make an arrangement with berries. Natural arrangements are so beautiful.



Love that! I am so stealing that word.

My daughter called my son a buttsniff yesterday. I might try that one out as well. :)

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