No more neon, I promise. And a baby quilt.

Halloween Postscript

The tights worked out just fine.  The bagginess ended up being more of an issue than the color.  Fidget?  She didn't care. 

Emily Elizabeth and Clifford

walking baby clifford

Voted today.  Missouri is considered a bellweather state, and right now it's 50-50.  It will be interesting (in a nail biting way) watching the results tonight.  Whatever happens, I am content with the knowledge that my phone will stop ringing 6 times daily with recorded messages from politikers and we can get back to commercials about gutter helmets, cleaning products, and ED.


Sarah Jackson

she looks so so cute. I love it.

I have to admit, I'm ready to get back to the Sham-WOW commercials.


Oh my that is just too cute! How sweet she is!


Oh my that is just too cute! How sweet she is!


Oh my that is just too cute! How sweet she is!


Oh, Chris! She's the BEST Emily Elizabeth EVER!!! I love it! You're almost making me wish my Spenser had blonde hair! :-)

Surprisingly, I don't think we've had any political calls this year. I'm a registered independent, so I never get any, but not even Joe got any. Hmmm. I guess they don't care about Maryland.


She looks just darling. I love the one of her "walking" Clifford.


I love her. Just sayin'.

Tara Reynolds

I'm having a cute attack. This is an awesome costume. I'm so glad you went with it as is. It really couldn't be more perfect.


She makes a darling Emily Elizabeth. I love it when kids dress up as book characters.

Mary Smith

Okay. That is such a cute costume and the tights look awesome. They make the outfit!


haha. Couldn't agree more about the phonecalls.
And WOW, she is adorable! I think the tights worked out great, baggy and all :).
She looks so sweet with her Clifford dog.

TD wool design

sweet costume! hope she had fun.
i shut my tv off weeks ago. thank goodness it's wednesday :)


She makes a very cute Emily Elizabeth. I stood in line over 3 hours to vote yesterday...hopefully your Missouri wait wasn't as long.


She is tooo cute I love the costume!!


Oh my. How adorable! That's probably one of the cutest costumes I've seen. I love the dog "walking" picture too! :)


Its perfect! She looks adorable! I'm with you about the phone calls, they pretty much gave up on me & hubs, but I have a 21 year old that they went after relentlessly even though she told them many times she had already made up her mind who she was voting for.


Strangely, we didn't get a single phone call. We got TONS during the primaries, however.

I love, love, love, Fidget's costume. It turned out perfect!


oh yes, bring on the cialis commercials so I can explain ED to my children.
And she is a doll. And the way you matched the mums in the background with her sweater... perfect.

amy h

The costume turned out great! And she doesn't appear to have been writhing around in the middle of the street throwing a tantrum about it. That's always a plus. Mine didn't wear her cape for more than two minutes.


So darling... what a wonderful costume... even with the neon tights!

Puva cute!


YOur daughter looks just gorgeous. So cute!

Lil' d

Ah, she looks so sweet - spot on.


That is one truly awesome costume. Can't wait to show my 6-yr-old daughter who now loves reading the Clifford books. So cute!

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