Soup: like barbeque in a sourdough bowl

Fall at the Kansas City Zoo

On Sunday, we piled into the station wagon (my little sister finds infinite joy in poking fun at my ultimate mom-mobile, so I like to refer to it by name much as possible.  Because I totally rock the Station Wagon, sis.) and took advantage of yet another perfect Autumn day.  The animals were out, lazing about in the sun, enjoying the cooler temperatures.  It was so beautiful.  And we had it mostly to ourselves.


We are lucky to have such a large zoo that winds its way through wooded areas, around ponds and lakes, over both a river and train tracks.

sunny tall grass

leaves in the creek

The color is brilliant right now.  These trees didn't even look real to me.

fall color at the zoo 

And this little path by the baboons was strewn with leaves of every color and shape.  (Hmm... little wonder my allergies are acting up this week, huh?)

leafy paths.

The zoo doesn't always seem like a go-to outing for us in the fall.  But I'm so glad we did. 

Tomorrow: Bacon and Black Bean Soup.  Be warned.  It's soup, but it's bacon. Smells delish, but men come running.  You might save a little and dab it behind your ears.



If only those delightful fall colors lasted a bit longer.

Mmmm... bacon.....

amy h

We went there this weekend, too. They were giving all the animals pumpkins to destroy and eat. The orangutans really enjoyed them. And the tigers were actually eating pumpkins. They must have been smeared with bacon.



Alicia A.

bacon makes everything better.

I rock the station wagon too. ;)


Oh how I miss that zoo. It *almost* doesn't feel like one, it's so open.
Looks beautiful. I miss fall in Kansas.


Oh, what amazing photos! Beautiful! Thank you for sharing them. I stumbled across your blog recently and liked it a lot. I like blogs encourage my mind in creativity...


These photos are gorgeous! I wish that our zoo looked that "natural".


Fall is my very favourite season! Your pictures depict the warmth and vibrancy wonderfully.


I love your photos. The autumn leaves are just glorious colours. I wish we had fall like that here in Australia.


Great photos, dear. That second shot is amazing! So beautiful.

Lisa Clarke

That looks beautiful. The first image with it's boardwalk reminds me of the Great Swamp Wildlife Refuge, which is just down the road from where I live. It's a favorite fall destination of mine.

Lil' d

How beautiful. I really need to research where I can find some fall colours around here. It's one of the things I miss most about home.

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