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Christmas Thrifty

I'm jumping into Christmas this year because if I wait until after Thanksgiving and the MU-KU game and our house guests, it will be December before I get anything up.  And that, folks, is just plain wrong.  I kind of go ape when it comes to Christmas. 

So today I resolved to spend extra time here and there purging my house of the autumn decor.  But first I stopped by a couple thrift shops -- looking for some vintage ornaments and maybe some gifts. 

These perfume bottles were just too adorable.  And a bargain, if you ask me, at .50 each.

Christmas Tree perfume bottles

I could not pass up this strange and cute mushroom tea set for Fidge.  The cups are only about 2 inches tall.  It is a complete set of 3 plates, saucers and cups.  $1.00.

Little plastic mushroom tea set

And ornaments.  Egads.  I cannot tell you how awesome it is to walk out with tons of glass ornaments at $1 a box when Target is selling them for $7-10. 

vintage ornaments, 15 for $1.

This box of 15 was $1.60.  Perfect.  In the original box with placeholders for storage.  Can't beat that.  Can I tell you how much I love ornaments in random vases and baskets in my house?  There is something inherently cheery about that.  Maybe it's the shiny thing.

One of my favorite places to go is actually part of a retirement village.  Many families donate items to this thrift shop when a loved one has passed away.  I have found the quality of vintage goods superb.  Linens, embroidery, kitchenware and--OH-- the craft supplies!  It is well stocked.  Even better, the sweetest volunteers work the counter. They are always impressed when a relative youngster like me shows up at the counter with some embroidered tea towels or a crewelwork pillow.  :)   Happy thrifting!


TD wool design

awesome finds and a great idea for locating decorating ideas!


oh, my... those perfume bottles are just too cool. I can't think about Christmas decor until after I've had 25 people to my house for Thanksgiving. But I keep threatening to get out the elf... to keep an eye on Eliot. :)


Strange and cute for sure. What was it with mushrooms in the 70's?

I'm a wait-until-after-Thanksgiving or even wait-until-mid-December kinda gal as far as decorations go. I like to leave them up until the first week of January or so.

Great finds! I wonder if I could score any glass ornaments around here. I love them in glass jars and vases.


OH! I just love to find glass ornaments for cheap!

Way to go on the great finds. Happy thrifting.


cool stuff! are you willing to leak the name of this awesome thrift shop to someone who is local?

amy h

Yeah, you're withholding the name! :)

I just took down my Halloween wreath yesterday. I'm not so on the ball.


The bottles are amazing. I have resolved to have vases of ornaments around our house this year too. I would love to start decorating, but without snow I just couldn't do it. However, the snaow has been flying all day, so this weekend the Christmas tubs may have to come up from the basement.


Oh I recognize that mushroom play set! We had it when I was little... there are still some pieces floating around in my mom's toy closet. Ah, nostalgia ;o)


Great haul!

I don't think any of the retirement villages in my area have a thrift store. I know our local hospital has one, and I've been there before, but there aren't any real bargains or fun stuff. But the little old lady volunteers are just as sweet as pie and adore my children.


I've yet to discover such an awesome thrift store. Shall go looking for one after my exams. They'll be over next Friday afternoon! Yay!

Those are cool finds! Lucky you! Have fun preparing for Christmas! It's a wonderful season (:


Big scores for you! I'm going to try the ornaments-in-a-vase this year ... love the look!


I love the little mushroom dishes! Those are adorable!


nice stuff! i bought some ornaments last year, but they didn't actually fit where i thought they would. maybe i'll try again.
love the mushroom teaset - looks like something from when i was little.


I'm also a nut for ornaments in a vase or glass container. I've even put flowers in a vase and hung one cordinating ball off the side on a short hook. Sweet!


I just found your blog and it is just the cutest thing! I instantly added you to my list to read. I love it!
I do agree on the glass ornaments in random containers but have you ever put the old big Christmas light bulbs in a glass vase/bowl/random container? My parents had some old ones from who knows what and they were going to throw them away a couple years ago but I snagged them and put them in a tall straight vase and they're so cute & just a little different. I can't wait to get them back out.

Kim V

I love all your Christmas treasures!!!

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