** newsflash ** preteens are difficult
Fields of sunshine

oh wow

Geez you guys.  You are really the best.   

You can tell from that last post that I'm having trouble keeping my chin up this week.  My work computer went from bad to worse, then all the data was lost in a reformatting fiasco and then the new drives were bad, too.... and it all culminated in a giant admission of defeat, when I walked into Best Buy last night and ponied up for a new computer.  Which I now have to set up with all my work software all over again.

3 yards vintage floral fabric
(3 yards vintage floral fabric, $1.50)

The twelve year old is trying hard this week, to earn that mall trip with her friend, and we have had fewer arguments.  I cannot say how much it meant to me to hear all of your own experiences and support and suggestions.  You know, sometimes it is just nice to hear that this is normal.  So thank you.  Every email I got was like a little hug, some from people I've never even 'met' before, and, well...  Just, wow.  It's been said a hundred times before, this is really the sweetest community.

thrifted towels
(scalloped linen hand towels, $1.50 ea.  I love these, but they might make good gifts, too.)

I know some blogs and online groups and communities are a hotbed of snarky bitterness, not to say illicit activity.  It is that negativity that a lot of people associate with the idea of going online, but that hasn't been my experience at all.  If anything, mine has been the complete opposite.  There are so many wonderful people, people who inspire and share, people who make things or just write stuff that makes you laugh so hard you wet yourself.  People who can become friends, with whom you make a connection you might not find in your own neighborhood.

So I'm just a little thankful today.  Thanks for being there and listening and not calling me a whiny baby.

afternoon glow

The light in my kitchen has been totally surreal the last few days, just around dinner time.  These photos are exactly what it looks like, all glowy and gold.  The sun warms up the space, but for once that is ok because it's Fall and not the hot summertime, so it's like a warm, soothing hug at the end of the day.  I hope you can feel that here.  It's my hug to you.

glowy light in the kitchen



Hugs right back, sweetie. Hugs right back.




And I'm sending a hug your way. Sweet Chris.


Aww! Thanks for the warm hugs! Now I do feel all glowy inside!

Tara, Walkabout

Actually, it was nice to read your post and see that I am not the only one dealing with these kind of crazy-making situations. The great thing is that not every day is that way. Some days are really fantastic.
Thanks for the nice comments and photos you left for all of us to enjoy.


Ooh I love that last picture! I love golden evenings. They're the best.


Lil' d

Oh, don't tell me it starts before the teenage years. I'm already getting far too many grey hairs from my 'barely out of toddler years' kids.

And their dad. Actually, I think he could give a sulky pre-teen a run for their money...


I hope by now you are feeling better about everything. :-)

(LOVING your autumnal vintage fabric.)

world of warcraft


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