Green Day.
Monday Ketchup

oh, hello.


I guess I took an unintended break for a few days.  The thing is, kids get sick, and work gets busy and, well...something has to give. 

Looking forward to dinner with a friend tonight, though.  :)

Thank you for all the sweet comments on the green and white longish top.  The fabric is a Robert Kaufmann Nature Cut-outs in the green colorway.  I purchased it earlier this year from Sew Mama Sew, but I can't find it anywhere now.  Sorry. I seriously wish I had bought more than the one yard I stretched to make her top.  Ack.  So cute.



very much looking forward. ciao for now.


I tend to worry about not having enough fabric - so I tend to over buy. I end up having enough fabric to make two of everything.


Just found your blog. Lovely. That photo is really pretty. I made 2 handbags from Robert Kaufman fabrics. I seem to gravitate to them.

Tara Reynolds

Hope the kiddos feel better soon. Enjoy your dinner out! All mamas need time away now and then.


Well HEEEELLLLOOOOO! I missed you. :O)


Hi sweets! I hope you had a good time at dinner ;-)


i wish i was having dinner with two of my favorite people. did ya have fun girlies?


Hope dinner went well :)


I just read your post about your preteen and had to comment to say I UNDERSTAND COMPLETELY except that MY preteen (boy) is monosyllabic and sneaky. Oy.

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