Halloween Postscript

No more neon, I promise. And a baby quilt.

Think I overreacted a bit about the neon tights?  I do.  I think we're going to just say Whatever and get on with things.  Honestly, I don't think Fidget will care a smidge.  She has asked me every day since October 1st, "is it Halloween day today?" and I think she'll just be thrilled to celebrate.  Why get wrapped up in details like the right shade of pink?

baby quilt from vintage favorites

( But can I just say what a clever and helpful bunch you all are, at the rescue with your electrical tape and rit dye and sharpies?!  I love it.  I especially liked the idea of over-dying the sweater to match the tights instead.  Brilliant.  Thank you again, everyone!)

Hopefully these photos of a recent baby quilt for a long distance friend will help soothe your eyes after yesterday's assault with the neon.  I do apologize to your retinas.  I mean, my eyes are still red.

so snuggly soft...

I used a couple favorite vintage pillowcases and cut all the seams, pressed them open and cut strips of varying widths. The patterns of the cases were so pretty that I didn't really want to cut them up too much. I sewed them together like stripes, quilted a half inch on either side of the ditch all the way around, and then at varying intervals cross-wise. 

I hadn't started and finished a quilt in a while.  Boy did it feel good.



I love it! It's gorgeous and looks so cozy.


That quilt is adorable. And I'm glad it's not neon pink. :)
I think the tights will be cute too!


This is so beautiful! I can practically feel how soft and cuddly it is. Great job!


super cute quilt Chris! Good going :)

Sarah Jackson

It's just lovely. They must be so happy.

And I'm glad you and the tights came to an agreement. :)


Ooo, it looks so sweet. I love those colors.


I LOVE this quilt!!!


i told you already, but SO SO pretty.

(my husband is reading over my shoulder going 'PINK picket fence? why PINK picket fence? i'd rather have white.'

but see, he's a guy.


Stating the obvious have a really, really good eye for color. The pale pink with the golden yellows is so pretty.


The quilt is beautiful! I love how soft and girly it is.

Tara Reynolds

Wow. That quilt looks so soft and snuggly and fresh... all the stuff happy baby times are made of.


The quilt is even more beautiful (and wonderful smelling!) in person. I can't thank you enough! Its arrival made a bad day good. You are the best. Thanks again! Erin


Sweet. I love the colors and the simple quilting. I'll bet it is soft as can be.


this is so beautiful, and looks so nice and soft.


I love it! It's so pretty!

amy h

The quilt looks so pretty and soft.

I'm all for "whatever."




I so love the yellow pink combo and that just looks so sweet and cosy and soft. Just lovely!!


Beautiful! I love old sheets and pillowcases....they are so soft.


Hi, first time visiting your blog. I love it! And that is the sweetest bab quilt I've ever seen! Makes me dream of having a little girl someday :)

Kim V

Love your quilt! Sooo pretty!

brown robin

Ooooo... I just love the way you used the vintage pillow cases. I can feel the softness from here. There's something about the history of a fabric when you put it back in a quilt that's contributing to a new little one's future and eventually history.

Lil' d

It's gorgeous - so pretty.


Oh, that is so pretty! I love the colors. A lot. LOL.

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