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Monday Ketchup

Seems that last week decided to come in and bully us around here at Chez PFF.  Fidget danced with the Croup from Wednesday on, and then I came down with some wacky stomach thing that knocked me off my keester as well.  Things seem to be back to normal for now.  Although I am so slow and tired.  And behind, good grief, am I behind!

mini pumpkins in my window

I do have to brag about how Lori and I met up for dinner last week down on the Plaza.  It was so good to see her.  We had the sweetest waiter who decided that we had "spill your whole life story" on our foreheads, so we were treated to all sorts of 5-10 minute monologues on his family life in Morocco, school, dating, finding a wife, life in India, religion, you name it.  We were there for at least 4 hours, so I guess we owed him something for squatting in his section for so long. 

And that sneaky little laeroport brought presents. The tiniest little egg cup pincushion:

egg cup pincushion

And my own designer grocery bag:

grocery bag

I wish it didn't seem like we had to move the moon and stars to spend time with our friends sometimes.  Because it is so very good for the soul.

Thanks, L.  You're a doll. 



I reckon it was more like 5 hours - all too short in my book. Thanks for the brilliant night out, my dear! Again! Soon!

Kim V

That is the cutest pinchushion and wonderful bag (I love bags). How sweet of her! Glad you are feeling somewhat better!


Friends are good medicine! Sorry you and Fidget were feeling under the weather. I suppose this is the season for that nasty stuff. The egg cup pincushion is sweet as can be and you will be styling at the store with your new shopping bag!


I love marathon outings like that! I'm glad you are all starting to feel better.


I'm so glad you and Fidget are on the mend. That croupy cough is the worst!

That first photo of the light on the pumpkins = LOVE!


That's a Moss Rose Cup pattern that has become your pin cushion. Awesome!


I love spending time with my friends too =) I think everyone does actually! Some of my friends are overseas right now. Can't wait for them to get back in December!


what nice gifts! and even nicer getting to hang out with Lori. it's so not fair that you have such a nice bunch of bloggers in your area!

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