Monday Ketchup
No more neon, I promise. And a baby quilt.


Ee Fidget is going as Emily Elizabeth from "Clifford the Big Red Dog" for Halloween.  Easy-peasy costume, right? 

Pink cardigan with black buttons.  Check. 
White Collared shirt.  Check. 
Black Shoes.  Check.
Black Skirt.  Check.


Cute little blondie?  Check. 
And and black striped footwear.

I thought I had this last -- and what I believe is the most important -- element of the costume checked off weeks ago when I ordered it. I latched on to the striped stockings because, really, they make this outfit.  Otherwise, old EE is just hanging out in a pink and black outfit every day. I could not find socks anywhere, but pink and black striped stockings, were ripe for the picking.

This is the picture of what I ordered:



Perfect, right?  I'm doing a little dance in the kitchen, because I am ROCKING the Emily Elizabeth costume challenge this year.  The second-hand cardigan will be festooned with thrifted black buttons.  She's got a little bitty Clifford to take along.  And now, stockings!  Go me!

And all that celebration was uncalled for.  Because, you see, the stockings are NEON.


Like super bright pink you can see for miles.  Not bubble gum pink to match the cardigan. 

So, does anyone have a great idea for toning it down?  I've tried 10 minutes in bleach and no change... Should I tea-stain them?  Anyone?  Beuller?

Now, more than ever, I wish I could knit.


Sarah Jackson

This won't make you feel any better, but you'd never be able to knit a replacement in time. So knitting won't help this time around.

Will it be dark outside? It may not be as noticeable. Tea staining might help, but I'd be concerned about them just turning kind of murky. And maybe your little EE won't care as much as you do.

I vote for "roll with it" on this one. But believe me, I'm in the throes of executing the Halloween vision too, and I feel your pain. Good luck! I hope someone has an actual solution, instead of just sympathy like me.


If it's really making you nuts, I think I would make the sweater hot pink to match the stockings. Or if you lived here in MD it wouldn't matter anyway because you would have your winter coat, gloves, wool hat, etc. on and it wouldn't be seen! It's 47 degrees today woo hoo! gotta love fall - or is it winter?


Cut them up and use them for something else because, I'm afraid, nylon probably can't be bleached or dyed. :( But that pink could be really neat with something else... It looks great in the picture!


what about overdying them? use a rose colored dye or a darker pink/red...maybe it'll tone down the neon-ness of the pink. i'd test a spot on the waist section first though. otherwise, i'd say go with it anyway since they're not far off from the little picture of emily elizabeth you posted.


Wow that's a tough one. No ideas here...other than....maybe find a neon cardigan to match? Pretend she' from the 80s?
Cute costume!

amy h

Tea is worth a try. I don't think it will matter that much though -- I'd just use them. :) OR, I know Hanna Andersson has black and white ones on sale that are cotton. I just got some for Elise's costume. You could dye them pink. OR, you could get some pink tights and just use a fabric pen to draw stripes on.


I think the others are right and there is no way to make those not be neon. You could die black and whites and make them pink and black easily, and maybe those can be found in target or something?

More likely though I would say just go with it. It's halloween!


I agree - dyeing probably won't work because they aren't a natural fiber. What about those spray on hair colors? Could something like that tone the color down? It might change the black too much too. Just a thought...


oh man! what a bummer. this might be dumb, but what if you layered another pair of stockings over the top of those. Try something in a lighter shade that might mute the neon shades down... Sorry, but that's all I got for ya.

Tara Reynolds

What if you came at it from a different angle and dyed the cardigan to take it up a notch so they appear to match? I know it might not be EXACTLY the same as Emily Elizabeth, but I don't think many people would notice the difference between the two and the outfit would match.
Or, you could do the old plain pink tights with electrical tape stripes or Sharpee marker stripes. We use Sharpees for everything around here.
Love the costume idea, by the way. Very cute.


Here's my two cents worth: buy cheap pink tights to match the cardigan. Take black electrical tape and with her wearing them on, just tape on black stripes. I hope you'll let us see the final costume, whatever you decide. It's such a great idea for a costume!


I'm with Stephanie -- find tights (or knee highs) in a pink you love and put the black tape around them. We did that for a pair of Wicked Witch legs for under a house, and they looked perfect (white tights, but still..).


I got nothing - I'd probably just go with it. It sounds like you got some good suggestions from the others.


EEK! Um...I'd just have her wear it and roll with it. You wouldn't be able to knit a pair of tights, unless it's all you did for, well, no you couldn't do it :)
But, I understand wanting to have the costume be perfect. Someone else had the idea of dyeing the sweater brighter, maybe that would work.
Good luck!


oh no! i would just wear those, or maybe buy pink tights to match, then try getting some fabric paint, or fabric markers and do the stripes? good luck!


That is going to be the cutest little EE ever!!!! Great idea, Chris.

Mary Smith

I can't wait to see the costume. I hope you post a picture. I think the neon will be just fine.

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