Chicken veggie soup. (Worth licking the bowl)
oh, hello.

Green Day.

I did not set out last Friday looking for particular treasures of the verdigris persuasion.  However...

green floral sheet

green hankie

owl towel

cannister set

Yes.  All in one day.  Erin, it made me think of you.

Later that day I sat here:

reading spot

in my comfy reading chair (with thrifted green afghan from another trip earlier this year).

I don't think it is a mere coincidence that I was suddenly inspired to use some fabric I had bought months ago on a little tunic-y version of a shirt I made for Fidge in March.

new fidget top

before school, loading her purse with puzzle pieces

Tomorrow morning I head out again.  I wonder what color it will be?



Where did you get your puzzle holder thing in the last picture?


That girl of yours is so adorable - as well as the dress. But I especially love the green hankie. Oh, my - that shade....


you always seem to find the greatest things when you're thrifting. i just don't have luck like that.


Hmm. I stopped at a new-to-me Salvation Army the other day and didn't find squat. I haven't had the best luck lately.

That fabric (green forest and animals on white) is so pretty! I think I need a girl just so I can sew for her. LOL.


being quite the fan of green, i must say i love it all.

Joanne (The Simple Wife)

Love that tunic! So darling.

And I added tomatoes to my chicken soup last night like your recipe...yum!

And I have owl envy--one of my dear friends collects them and would love your cute towel.

Went thrifting today and thought of you. No great linens, but lots of Little Golden Books!


Oh my goodness, Chris. I love it all. I love her dress most of all. You sure scored, in a big green way!

Tara, Walkabout

What a day of finds! I haven't had time for a nice leisurely thrift run in ages. Just a moment to dash in here and there. It was fun to get my thrifty thrill fix here. Thanks for sharing your finds.


That's a truly adorable top! My my you're really talented! Love that green afghan! I'm gonna learn how to make those!


i love all your green. My favorite color. that sweet dress is so very cute!


Gah, stupid bloglines has not been updating your blog. I've missed so much! But I am here


The goods are amazing! The crochet afghan is beautitul. Perfect to snuggle up with on crisp evenings.


What amazing thrifted finds. Fidget's dress is amazing - I LOVE it. The little owl towel would have worked perfectly in my mom's silver and olive bathroom back in 1976. If I close my eyes I can still see the swirls of green and silver wallpaper on the ceiling...


I'm loving it all!!


Great finds!! Can't wait to see your next batch of treasures. I think I had sheets in the same pattern but different color way as the fabric in the first picture when I was a kid. Miss Fidgets tunic is too cute!! Love the fabric!


Oh top dress! Stupid Bloglines has hit me with 8 posts at once from you - thought things seemed a little quiet at the PPF.


okay, i just realized that bloglines hasn't been picking you up for a while - at least for now. so i've missed a lot!
what great green finds - i love the afghan/chair photo - what a great corner!

Here's to wonderful and earthy and rejuvenating GREEN! I'm thinking granny smith apples, Florida key limes, the avocado tree in my piano teacher's yard, crushed mint leaves at the bottom of a mojito. Thank you for sharing your rainbow of green and reminding us of the joy of color.


i totally gasped when i saw that hankie...and then the canisters, oh my!
but the killer is that tunic.
and your sweet girl in that tunic. darling and so very very right!
(can you give me some details on that fabric, if you have them?)

Kim V

Love the tunic!!!!


I love that shirt! I had been wanting that fabric so maybe I'll see where I can still find some. Do you remember where you got it? Love all the green stuff!

Lil' d

Ah, that tunic is adorable.


I just found your blog, and I may just keep reading. This tunic is adorable - I love it. And your version of the village frock (I just got the pattern yesterday) is absolutely stunning! Love what you make and the pictures you take - as soon as is back up, I'll add your link to my blogroll. ;)


I LOVE green and this post has made me so very happy. I particularly like that beautiful photo of the chair with the blanket - divine!!


The green and yellow canisters!! I found the same set but in green and blue recently at a thrift store and I was so tickled!


I just found your blog...adorable!! Do you remember where you found that green and white fabric?

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