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Fields of sunshine

Every morning, Fidget and I drive to preschool.  she likes to take the 'tree tunnel' roads, which she has named for the places at which the trees meet up overhead and the sun filters through the leaves.  This is the one we usually take, because it is the one that goes by the horses.  The 'tunnel' part is up ahead, and very pretty, but didn't have a good place to pull over.

morning drive.

Instead, there is a great view of soybean fields.  We have lots of them out where we live.  The Mormon church owns hundreds of acres out here and has steadfastly refused to think of selling the land for at least another 15 years.  So, even though parts of town are becoming over-developed for my taste, we have a pretty good feeling this part of town will stay as-is for some time.    

soyfields in the morning.

Most of the land is leased out to farmers to work the fields.  Wheat, corn, soybeans, whatever.  It is fascinating to watch it happen over the summer.  

But the soybeans amaze me.  During the summer -- even in the hottest months -- they are a deep green field of short lush leafy stalks pressed closely together.  And then, suddenly, in October this happens.   Most of the beans grown in these parts are not grown for eating, but for manufacturing, so they let the beans dry out before bringing the combine in to harvest.  But instead of looking dry and dull like the corn does, across the way, the soybean fields glow.  The leaves must be so thin that they pick up the sunlight or something.  Whatever it is, it's beautiful.


Photos don't really do them justice.  In the morning when we drive to school, the sun is still low enough that there is a surreal quality to them.  

I've always loved October in Missouri.  The weather is gorgeous and perfect right up to Halloween night, when it magically drops 10 degrees and everyone has to figure out how to work winter coats into their costumes...The sky is bluer than it is any other time of year.  Color comes out in the trees and the fields.  Calves play alongside their mommas in the pastures.  The food tastes better somehow.  And the soybean fields put on a show. 


I've been quilting, but it's a gift for someone who will peek.... and I have a little shirt in progress for Fidge... and some fun thrifting finds from last week... hopefully the computer gods will have mercy on me and let me back into my groove.... I've missed you guys. 


KC Quilter

Just discovered your blog and have bookmarked it. Love the gorgeous photos of the trees and fields. From a fellow KC blogger, KC Quilter.


Can't wait to see what you have been working on. Your projects are always beautiful!

I knew that our church owned land there, but I didn't realize it was so pretty! ;o)


There is just something about the sunlight and sky at this time of year. It is beautiful.

Tara, Walkabout

I love that magical light too. Early in the morning and late in the afternoon... I just want to curl up in it and take a peaceful snooze. Thanks for these beautiful photos!


How beautiful! There's just something about the autumn sunshine, it is different somehow.


A beautiful post, my beautiful friend.
Here's to getting your groove back. Happy Monday.


Wow! That is so pretty. It looks like that around me too, but 5 minutes away it's all busy streets packed with cars people and retail! I wish we could move a little farther out (like we had been until the town found us) but who can move now?! The horse farm down the road sold off half of it's land for a private school. boohoo. I loved that farm.


Such pretty pictures, I love the picture of the pods...just gorgeous. My Mom is from Misouri, I have never been, I would love to go back someday.


The photographs are beautiful! But then again, nature is wonderful =)

Amy Harper

Beautiful soybean fields and tree tunnels. Here in Utah we watch the red of changing trees creep down the mountains before it suddenly explodes in the valleys. It has been frosty and cold this week. We had snow on Sunday, just enough to look like glitter falling. I'm glad the seasons change and the mormon fields don't!


Beautiful land. I doubt the church has any plans to sell that land ever (I'm LDS, in case you didn't already know that). I think they just announced the building of a new temple somewhere in the KC area. I'm not exactly sure where though.

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