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Pattern Reviews: Simplicity 2892 + 'Cute Skirts'

This week's lineup.

Hello, friends.  These { photos } are for you...


The flowers themselves were for a certain twelve-year-old who performed on stage at the Coterie Theatre Saturday night in her first official theatrical production.  It was the end of a two-week full-day acting camp and she was in heaven.  

Here's another shot.  I can't help myself, they are so pretty.


I was a busy girl over the weekend, too.  Lots of stuff for show and tell.  Simplicity 3835, to start.  Yes, this has lots of possibilities. Like Lera, I added darts.  Shapes up the back a bit.  (Thanks for mentioning that part, L, because I probably wouldn't have done it otherwise and now I don't feel like I'm too blousy in the back.xo) 

Simplicity 3835

And can I just say how much I love 'end of the season' closeout pricing on yardage when it's 100 degrees outside?  Ok.  Yes, I'll take that for $3 a yard.  Done!

Also, this week: 

  • Simplicity 2892  (Note to self:  also try 3751, 4111, and 4589. Those look cute, too.)
  • A remade thrifted skirt.  
  • And, new fabric:

good stuff in the mail :)

The polka-dotted one has already been made into a skirt.  I couldn't help it.

Happy Monday!  It's gonna be a fun week.  xoxo



I have half of those top patterns sitting in my "one day when my belly dance costume is done" pile and I cut out that same skirt about a year ago and have never stitched it. Should I motivate myself to make it by the 30th? Ha!


Oh, and congrats to the big girl! Yea! Following in her mother's dramatic footsteps. :)


*Groan* - fabric envy.


Very lovely shirt! And great fabrics!


The flowers are beautiful. Great photos.

Your shirt is lovely and it looks wonderful on you. (Did I tell you that I also cut the back piece on the fold instead of two pieces?)


That fabric is fantastic - and for only $3.00 a yard! I'm curious about the remade skirt...


Oooh, I want that fabric! The shirt turned out great, good job!


Love the top and hey! I just got some fabric at Joann's for ... $.50 a yard! HA! :O) I said to the girl can this be right? Yep. It's right. Oh, I think I'll be taking 4 yards of that! I have no idea what I'll use it for but for $.50 a yard does that really matter? I think not.


Good luck! I'm pretty sure I have every one of those patterns in my own stash.


you made the 3835 pattern!! i LOVE it in white. so pretty.

Kim V

Such a cute top! I wish I was good at sewing...I'm hopeless at it!
Have a great day!


love the polka dots!!!! i can just imagine how cute you look today in your creation!


Those flowers are so beaeeeeautiful!

Lovin that polka dot fabric. I can't belive you have whipped in into a skirt already. You are super fast, lady....and super talented. :)

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