The weekend was a world away
I still make stuff. I do.



Ooh! Where shall we meet for dinner beforehand?


Wish I were there I'd attend! I'd love to hear about if you decide to go.


Ah man. That looks right up our alley. I'll have to see if I can con someone into watching my munchkins so I can go...

Jen b

just another reason to love anthrololgie!


that would be worth a trip to the city! i'm in with lori!

amy h

I hadn't heard about this! I have no idea what is on the calendar for that day. I'll have to check. It sounds like fun though.


uh NO! I hadn't seen that! That looks like somethin' worth making the drive into KC for!


Hmmmm, I am down to one munchkin. Maybe she and I will have to have a girlie night. I love Anthropologie, just wish I could afford it all!

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