* the one about the salad and the grout *

here and there and making curtains.

Pajamas and skirts and tops are fun to make. 


But I've veered off course and need to focus on the projects needing my attention so very much.  This is the week I really get to work....

 >> On the seven white linen curtain panels for those kitchen windows.

linen for curtains

 { I don't like making curtains.  All those chances to end up with wonky edges. And uneven hems that are oh-so-obvious against the squared corners of my windows... And yards upon yards of fabric slipping and sliding around while I try by best to press those hems.   And doing this seven times.  Frustration, thy definition is curtain-panel-making. }


>> And on that bathroom and it's hundred layers of paint.  See, we couldn't just paint the bathroom. No, we've got three kinds of primer, paint, faux glaze and two coats of protectant.  So far, I'm through two of the primers.  And that is just for the vanity.  There is also a linen cabinet, window and wall trim, and a door begging for my attention.

So maybe you'll understand if things are quiet behind la Fence for a few days.  Because photos of white linen curtains and irons and paint are thrilling and all { ahem }... but finding new ways to say, I painted this! and One more panel, done! might just do me in.  I kind of want to get the zone and get it done.  Ever felt like that?  Like ripping off a bandaid for a whole week.



I'm so glad you said that about curtains! I made curtains for our living room windows, and thought "ha, tab-top curtains, easy peasy." And then wrestled with yards and yards of fabric and insulated lining, etc. I thought it was just me, but I'm delighted to hear that other people have the same experience. I feel better about my abilities now :)


Oy, I also despise making curtains. I always buy them whenever possible. LOL


Well, at least you'll have a break tomorrow night. :)
Good luck my dear.


I don't mind making curtains once I've made that first cut. It's the first cut that scares the hell out of me and makes me put off starting the job! At least they are white so you don't have to worry about patterns matching and all that :O) Good luck with it all.


Good luck with that! I hate trying to get the hem straight. I do love white curtains though!


Seven? Curtain panels?????? Are you nuts? :-) Good luck with that. I hope you do at least show the final project.


i feel like that quite often. getting in the zone of making something and just getting it DONE!!! good luck.

Kim V

Good luck with all your projects! Can't wait to see the results!


that white linen looks like a crisp wave on your ironing board. it will look so nice i know it because you are such a great sewer!
it sounds like with all those paint layers and techniques it will be a palace!


They will be beautiful! I have complete faith in your sewing abilities!


I've sewn only one set of curtains for my room. It was a gruelling process with nice results (:

I like your ironing board cover! It's so flower-y and nice!


I don't like making curtains either. I bought some material and lining to do so and then just went to ikea and bought some linen panels...ah...so much better for me!!! :) Cute ironing board cover!


i hear you! i've been "making" curtains and "finishing" painting in our home all summer long!


oh, I am so with you about the curtains. I've been putting off my dining room curtains for about 8 months now. Nothing like the thought of wrestling all that fabric to make a girl not want to sew.

Good luck & I'm sure they'll turn out great!!

Lil' d

Ah yes, I hate curtain sewing. All I've had to do is hem the bottom of 6, but they've been hung up unhemmed for 2 years now. The problem is that no one notices, so there's just no motivation to do them.

Good luck!

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