Pattern Reviews: Simplicity 2892 + 'Cute Skirts'
* the one about the salad and the grout *

Hello, she said, looking up from her machine. For a sec.

Thanks for all the sweet compliments on my top and skirt yesterday.  I have never sewn clothing for myself before and it is really stinkin' fun.  So if you have been holding off, I say go for it.  Buy some fabric that you love and make that darned simple skirt.  I promise you will be hooked.  So you better trace that pattern to paper first, because you will be re-using it.  ;)

new bathroom progress

There is really so much going on here at my silly house.  The main reason I am sewing up a storm is that I am putting off the finishing touches in my bathroom.  The bathroom that contractors started on over a month ago.  It's not finished because I didn't want to pay THEM to paint, which I am perfectly capable of doing myself.  And there is a lot of painting left to do.  (Besides the walls.  Those are done.)  Anyway.  One of these days I am going to do a long post about this bathroom because it has been an amazing transformation from hospital room chic to tiled spa-like comfort. 

But not today.  Because I'm procrastinating.

 Need to get better at adding trim.

Instead of priming the vanity cabinets, I made a matching cami top for my beloved thrifted sheet pj bottoms.  It's from the same pattern, Simplicity 9505.  I didn't do any modifications, although I did add trim (pre-washed) for fun.  I might skip making the ties next time and use twill tape or something hardy instead. I really don't like burning my fingers with all that pressing. But it came together nicely and was pretty quick.  Will definitely make these again.  Especially as a gift set maybe... (want one, sis?)


There are certainly plenty of vintage sheets around my house that would work nicely.   And trim.  Oh my.  The possibilities make me giddy.

to go with the pjs bottoms... I may never take these off.

Which is a shame, because I have a lot of painting to do. 



lovely, lovely!

Alicia A.

You're saying 'sis' in a metaphoric sisterhood sort of way, right? ;)

If so, then yes.

Michelle Whitley

Great job Chris! You are so talented. I had to laugh when I saw the vintage sheet though because I swear my parents had these sheets!!


The cami is perfect!! Looking forward to the full spa bath makeover post. In the meantime...happy stitching!


so cute. the trim makes it. yes, it is hard to keep to the task at hand when we have so many other ideas running around in our heads.


Wow! I love it! Looks so comfy and pretty! Won't you look so cute at night in FL!


Very cute, very girly :)


I think I just might have to try sewing something for myself!
Thanks for the inspiration!

Aunt Fashionista

Ummmm pj pants and top out of soft vintage sheets???? Are you kidding me? If the bank would let me wear that stuff to work, I totally would, (and would look awesome doing it in my sister's creations!! If you haven't noticed, she is the BEST!!!)

misschris / PinkPicketFence

(Oh, dear sister, your flattery will get you everywhere. I'll take that as a Yes?? Love you. xoxo)

Lil' d

The clothes you've been making lately are absolutely gorgeous.

I've still got painting left to do from a home remodel, um, two years ago...


Nice colours! Good choice, good choice.

All the best with the painting job. You could play some nice songs while painting so that the process won't seem too bad. Have fun (:


Utterley gorgeous!


Ummm... soul sister? Can you just wrap up that nice little cami and send it my way? I'm in LOVE! :)


you may have convinced me to try the whole sewing clothes thing! cute top! good luck on the painting!


Cute, cute cami!!!

I can't wait to see your finished bathroom. I bet it's gorgeous.

Joanne (The Simple Wife)

Isn't trim a wonderful thing? Love your cami! I was reading Simple Sewing with a French Twist and saw theirs. Think one might be in my future too!


Adding that trim was a lovely idea. Can't wait to see your bathroom :-)

Kim V

Wow your sewing talents amaze me!


finally catching up on blogs -
Look at you go - the top, the skirt, the cami - all so adorable. i really love the trim on the cami - perfect!

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