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On Wednesday mornings in old downtown, right across from the Methodist church and next to the elementary school playground, is tiniest farmers' market.  Could be so tiny because it's still early in the season.  Or because it is Wednesday, and Saturdays offer bigger crowds.  Or maybe because there are several other markets around the metro area and our neck of the woods isn't known as a hotbed of activity.  Today it was even tinier because of all the carnival rides and trailers sharing the lot, in preparation for the our city's Downtown Days street festival this weekend. 

No matter.  It also means you get your shopping done real quick.  A quart of red, juicy strawberries, a dozen fresh eggs, some organic tomatoes, a bag of cinnamon pecans (oh dear), Amish granola and a cream cheese pound cake made their way into my bag in all of 15 minutes.  Yummy.  Chatted it up with a couple of the old farmers, hanging around the tents like flies while the wives took the money.  You boys stay out of trouble, you hear?  The oldest one winked at me and said, "Well, we'll try.  But I ain't promising nothing." 

Local strawberries, though.  Is there anything else so wonderful?  The chain stores out here in the Midwest buy most of their strawberries from far, far away.  California, mostly.  Which means the berries are hardly red when they are put on the truck.  And by the time they get here and on our grocers' shelves, they are redder, but not sweet at all.  They are huge, bakers strawberries... with no flavor. 

When I lived in Southern California, one of my favorite things to do was to buy a flat -- not a pint, a FLAT -- of large baker's strawberries, too ripe for grocery stores or shipping cross-country, from the little farmer stands that popped up here and there, along freeway exits and on canyon roads. A flat for, like, $7.  Those strawberries.  Heavens to Betsy.  Huge and red all the way through.  Nothing -- nothing compared to them.  I'd slice up enough to fill a bowl and eat them for every meal, sitting cross-legged with the bowl in my lap.  I don't miss much about the Southland, but I do miss the darned near perfect weather and those strawberries.

The ones I picked up today are delicious.  Small, but so sweet and juicy.  Enough to stain your fingers.  No need for sugar, honey, just pop 'em in your mouth.  I'm doing my best to stay away, because I'm fairly sure they are going to taste fantastic on that cream cheese pound cake with double churned ice cream after dinner tonight.  Yum. 

And why didn't I buy 2 quarts?



Pound cake + fresh strawberries = heaven. Have some for me.

Where I grew up (Western Washington) there were berry farms everywhere. Kids picked berries for summer jobs. We always had yummy fresh strawberries, and tons in the freezer for when the season was over. Strawberries and ice cream was THE dessert growing up. :o) MMmmm...


Mmmmm... strawberries! We were going to do a pick your own at a local farm but it looks like it's already slim pickings. How did I miss the season???

Alicia A.

oh, yes yes. yum.


My grandfather used to grow the most wonderful strawberries on earth in his backyard. No strawberries have ever compared to them. Maybe it's also the memory with which I associate them. :-)


sounds like heaven.


there was synchrony in our thoughts today. In my post...I typed the whole "I miss CA & the flats of organic foods to be bought on every corner..yada, yada, yada". I nixed it at the last minute... Actually, I never finished typing my post & accidentally published it.. oops. But, still...our minds were thinking alike.


The last quart I bought didn't even make it past appetizer status. I've got 2 ripe ones on my little strawberry plant - if the birds haven't found them already. I'm waiting for our market on Saturday. :)

Jennifer Rosson

We do have WONDERFUL strawberries. And they last and last because they are so fresh. YUM That enamelware set is pricey,but SO charming.


Jennifer Rosson

We do have WONDERFUL strawberries. And they last and last because they are so fresh. YUM That enamelware set is pricey,but SO charming.



Yummy. I've only recently discovered honey on strawberries. (I couldn't believe how good it was!) Ever since my husband got his bee hives I am discovering lots of things to do with honey...

Jen b

we may have good weather and yummy strawberries but we have ugly baskets not Tiffany blue egg cartony things to hold our berries. i love the blue and red contrast.

Lil' d

You know, I live in California now, but never really thought that the strawberries would be anything special. I guess it's because there were lots of farms near where I lived in the UK, so I was used to going and picking my own in the summer. As this area is pretty urban I think I automatically considered those on the fruit stands not as fresh by comparison. Dopey me.


The strawberry picture is wonderful!



I'm a strawberry-holic. It's almost time to pick here. Yumitty yum yum yum.

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