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5415 finished ... and a little sweetness.

Ta-da! McCalls 5415, on a model.  View C, cut short.  Fidge wears about a 2-3T these days, so I used the Large cutting pattern.

McCalls 5415, finished.

She wore it yesterday, and I must say this has one of the higher cute-to-easy ratios ever.  I like a longer shirt on Fidge, because she is long waisted, so I made hers even longer than the pattern called for.  Somewhere between the 'top' cut line and the 'dress' cut line.  The straps also seemed really long when I cut it, but I think that might be because there is also a neck-tie option, which I didn't choose.  I thought Fidge would mess with something that was up on her neck, but I do think it would be cute on a dress an offer a longer wearing 'window'.

5415, back

She is short waisted, but I think her shorts are drooping  a bit here.  She's not a hobbit, I promise.


Hubs and I were planting some lilac bushes on the side of our house on Saturday.  And this smell, this wonderful smell, kept wafting over to me.  It was delicious and delicate.  And a mystery, because I hadn't recalled smelling it, ever, in our driveway.  This will be our 5th summer in this house.  And I just now realized we have a huge honeysuckle vine growing in the corner of our yard over our fence.  It's there against all odds, because it was a puny little thing when we moved here, but we had so many other projects we didn't bother to take it out like we had planned.  We called it the big weed.  We never watered it and most of the time it has looked like something that died years ago.

And now, this.  I have got to say, sometimes it pays to be lazy about ripping stuff out of your yard. 


Fidget, her big sis and I sat on the patio last night savoring the delicate sweetness that only a honeysuckle at the perfect bloom can offer.  Their eyes would light up when they got a flower with extra juice.  Fidget would put her little tongue out, ever so gently, anticipating the sugary nectar I would squeeze out for her.  Big sis tried a variety of techniques for best juicing and was perfectly amazed "that something that tastes so good could come from a flower.  What can you use it for?" 

Moments like this.  That's what.



I love the eyelet shirt! And the honeysuckles? Almost as sweet as Fidget! I'm so jealous. There is nothing that smells better! I might have to stop by to take a whiff!

Lil' d

The top turned out beautifully. I wish I could get away with putting white eyelet on my daughter (she's a stain magnet). So cute.


Cute (the top and your daughter) and sweet (the top, your daughter, and honeysuckle). We have a rogue honeysuckle in our yard too. Love.


ahhh, honeysuckle. Love it. We had it on our fence when I was a kid -- oooo, nectar of the gods! I had honeysuckle perfume as a kid.


She is too cute. So is the darling top. I love the eyelet. So summery.

Where, oh where, did you find the lilac bushes? I can't find them.

And what is it with PINK honeysuckle? I have never seen it until this year (on blogs) and never in real life. It's amazing.


::adding honeysuckle to list of plants to buy someday::

The top turned out super cute. Fidget is a doll!


Sweet outfit! I think I ordered a honeysucle to grow on our fence, but I can't remember! Sucking honeysuckle nectar brings back childhood memories with my mom...


Beautiful (top and words).


Hey, you got her to pose!! Your photos are absolutely stunning!!!


I think the most beautiful smell in the whole world might be jasmine. Its partly becuase its the most fragrant at the time of day and year that I love the most - twilight in summer, hanging so heavy in the air, that time of night when you can hear the echoes of other people living, the world just kind of hums with life, but resting life. Content life.

Mmmmmm.... jasmine. Every house Ive ever lived in with a garden, Ive planted some. Ive never got to be around when it bloomed, yet. Someday. Someday.

Jen b

wow i haven't done the honeysuckle thing since i was a girl. thanks for bring back good memories :)

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