Thursday + fading blooms
slow down slow down slow down!


Local gals, won't you join me in a *yawn*?

weather radio

We were up most of the night, huddled in the basement playroom, listening to the weather radio.  Fidget was thrilled to stay up late and party.  Her big sis huddled in a corner most of the night; she has horrible panic attacks during tornado and storm warnings like this.  The weather radio we got for Christmas made an appearance, and was pretty cool.  I don't like how loud the 'whoop whoop' can be though.  If it weren't Friday, we'd all still be in bed.

I had planned to share some cool thrift stuff today, but that might take more effort than I can allot for blogging.  I think I'm going to go make some more coffee.

Before I forget, I went shopping the other day and I can't wait for these to show up on my doorstop:

  1. Little sparrows from yumiyumi
  2. Ranunculus print from jen causey/photobird
  3. vintage mikasa salt and pepper shakers and a dress pattern from Candace

I told hubs the other day that I am going to replace all of the would-be stand-in art in our house with stuff I love.  When we bought it, I had this need to fill-'er-up, but now I'd rather take stuff down and wait for the perfect pieces to find me.  I was lucky to win this photo from Rachel a while ago, and I do love it but I haven't bought a frame yet. I want to hang that one in my kitchen, once we have painted over the red.  And my custom Noticing Project dip came, too... and they're lovely.  Not sure where that duo is going, but the colors are striking.  :)

Happy Friday, everyone.  The coffee is ready and I need another cup.  *yawn*



Get some rest, girlfriend!

(Love that dress pattern. Are you going to try to shrink it down for your little one?)


I'm feeling you over here on the other side of KC. Olivia gets all panicky too! Meanwhile Zozo just runs around playing with toys. And I got that ranunculus print too, funny! Oh, and glad to hear my photo got to you safely!

Alicia A.

I'm glad you're all safe. Man. The wind at 2 am made me jump out of bed thinking we were all gonna die.

I'm glad you like your np photos. I have a couple of sets to frame, myself.


dude. we got the first run of all of that in topeka. quarter sized hail. and we have an 11 year old with panic attacks during storms as well. joining you with that yawn.


The pattern is so cute!

Hope you get a nap today. I'm glad those storms didn't hit us. ;o)


that kind of weather sounds just a little too scary for me!


dude. am i the only one who slept through the storm?


Hey girl! Glad y'all are ok! Our weather is supposed to be like that tonight, yikes. Hope not because I have all four kiddos by myself and Cam gets panicky like that, which makes everyone else panicky, lol.

LOVE all your cherry blossom pics from your other posts! They make me smile! :)

Lil' d

We just had a sleepless night around here too - the little one has croup and isn't happy about it. Always on a night that my husband works. Wish me luck for tonight...

Jen b

Eeek! glad you are all safe and sound!!!


It is Monday already and I still don't think we've all quite recovered. I'm on cup number 4 this morning.

And I have a vintage adult sized pattern that would coordinate beautifully if you and your girl want to match.....

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