Wednesday: Crochet love
Here's the deal.

Thursday: Chocolate


Someone is celebrating the end of her elementary career this week.  So it's totally acceptable for me to eat a slice a day until this is gone.  Totally. 

In fact, I think there is a rule that you have to eat it with ice cream, too.  I'm pretty sure.



oh yes.

i made a triple chocolate bundt cake on sunday. i mean, it had been forever since we've had something like that in the house. we NEEDED it. i've been eating a slice w/ ice cream after lunch & dinner all freakin' week!!! i'm such a pig.

so cute to celebrate the end of elementary school. you are a fun mom.


i'm in for that tradition!




definitely. but only with chocolate sauce and/or sprinkles added.


Yummy! When do I get mine? Jr. we come! Tell the graduate congrats from me.


I just about died when I saw that. I've been on such a chocolate kick. Oh. My. God.


That looks scrumptious! Your schools are out after this week? We go until June 12! Ryan is so excited about middle school. They had the tour last Friday.

Jen b

yep that is rule #27 in the cake handbook.


Mmmm. My big someone has a few more weeks left of elementary school. Maybe I should join you. However, if I start too soon, I will be as big as my house by the end.

Mary Smith

Ice cream is a must!


we're polishing off two cakes at the moment. i need more ice cream!

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