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Have you tried making a pillowcase dress yet?  No?  Well, you should.  You really, really should.  They are so quick and satisfying (oh, to start and finish a project in an hour!), pillowcase dresses are the perfect way to get back into your groove if you've taken a hiaitus from sewing clothes. 

I mean, when I wasn't even planning this weekend, look what happened:

pillowcase dress for ellie

ruffled bottom

A little dress for ellie, our neighbor, for her first birthday.  She is about as big as our two-year-old Fidget, who is on the small side for everything (but head circumference -- don't get me started about delivering that child while the OB is saying, my, that's a big head!).  Watching the two of them together is so sweet.  Anyway, Fidge thought this strawberry ruffled one was for her.   The one I made her last year is more than a wee bit short.  It's more of a swingy top now. 

"Dis is my dress, mommy.  You made my dress!"  How could I not make her one of her own?  She'll only be this enthusiastic about mom-made clothes for so long.  Fortunately, I had an extra hour that night and was able to oblige her.

new dress for fidget

A few weeks ago I had stopped by Joanne's and found this fabric that looked like vintage table cloth... I had bought a bit of it for this very purpose, but had forgotten all about it.  I folded it in half, sewed it up like a pillowcase and then deconstructed it into a dress.  I think it's a keeper.

So.  Two dresses in two days.  I kind of feel like Lera.  Or Jade, who makes these particular dresses faster than you can blink.  There are several tutorials out in blogland for these dresses. So you have no excuse not to make one, too.  This is the one I used, but Stacy also has a good one, with diagrams...



So, so cute! I need to get busy on more of these for my own girls, though I'm sure the oldest would rather a swingy top (which I'm okay with).


those are absolutely stinking adorable!


darling! i should make some tops...kate would probably wear them!


woe is me, i have no girls to sew for.

very cute dresses!

Alicia A.

she'll be a beauty!
(they make great tiny little nightgowns too.)


Oh wow. The pillowcase for that first dress? We had a shower curtain made out of that same material when I was growing up. You really just took me back in time there!


Gasp! The second one. Oh man. I have to go to Joanne's now tonight.


Love them!

That second fabric would also be great for those Martha Stewart pillowcase bags. I cheated on mine in a similar way by first making a pillowcase, then making the bag. LOL

Stitching Surgeon

These are beautiful! I must make one for my niece!


AAAAAAHHH! Too cute!!!!!!!

Okay, first, that strawberry pillowcase is definitely the match to the strawberry sheet I used recently (when I was demonstrating thriftiness for the girls at church). Love it.

Second, I love, LOVE, love the fabric on the second dress. I think I need some!

Jen b

So very cute! Do they make pillowcases in my size??? :)

Joanne (The Simple Wife)

Yes, I've made some! In fact, I've made a tank top for my sister out of this great VW bus fabric (pink, of course) using this same idea.

Think I need to make some more...


Hey!! Thanks for the link. I've just put up a few more in my shop and on my blog. Love yours though! I need to venture into colored bias tape...


These are really sweet Chris. I may have to try a few for my little neices.

Leigh Ann

These are sew kewt! ;)

I need to try my hand at one. I have tons of vintage pillow cases.

CHeers! LA


I love the flounce on the dress! I'm going to have to add that to the next one I make.


Just stumbled onto your blog from Kirstencan. I have to say it is beautiful!!! You make such lovely things. I have to try a pillowcase dress sometime.....but first I have to find a cool pillowcase! I'm glad I stopped by....I will read again!

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