Slipcover? Check.

slow down slow down slow down!

driving by another farm

Twenty five minutes south of downtown Kansas City. 

I am so lucky to live here.  This is the stuff I see every morning.   Like, on the way to the store.  And preschool.  And the orthodontist's office.  And I think to myself, one of these days I'm going to just park at one end of this long road and walk the whole thing with my camera and take some wonderful shots.  Because some day this will all be built up with subdivisions and no trees and no fences and no horses and we will talk about how these used to be horses and barns and fences and huge pastures and....

Well, I haven't done that yet.  We went to the KC zoo yesterday and on the way I snapped these from behind the glass windows of the car.  And even though the conditions were sub-prime, you get the idea.  In this country of suburbs and urban chaos and traffic and 4 lane highways, there is still a lot of this.

And me, with my camera pressed to my face, asking telling hubs in the most patient voice to slowdownslowdownslowdownslowdownslowdown! 


We're headed out of town at the end of this week for an annual trip to Arizona.  Which also means there is just a ton of work to do before I go.  Office work, house work, and stuff that should have gotten done weeks ago, but must now get done because family is coming to stay with the kids so we can go play.

Hopefully the planets will align and I will get It all done before Thursday.  If not, that sound you might hear in the background is just me, in my most patient voice, asking the world to slow down


Here's to a good and very productive week.  :)



What great photos! I know what you mean about it all being gone one day. In our town there is a major intersection and on one corner it had once been a farm with a big bull that would be in the pasture that is now a strip center! Very sad.


Such beautiful scenery! I still live in the same area I grew up in, and though it is still pretty rural, it is a totally different place now.
Good luck getting it all done this week!


Beautifully put. Hang in there and I'm sure the planets will align for you.


So very pretty.

You'll get it all done. And more.


Love your neighborhood! The planets had better align for both of us. I have the same week as you this week... we leave for Disney World - for a week - on Saturday! Eeeek!


Love love love that final shot. Long may it stay that way.


if hubby ever gets a job offer there, we are outta here. plus I cannot even count how many cool blogging mamas live in your area.


oh, yeah, that last shot is very cool. have a great time in AZ!

Jen b

i say you skip arizona and drive about 5 more hours to san diego to visit me :)


what a lovely place to live! my kids love the first shot (obsessed with all things "farm") and i adore the last one. have a great time in AZ!


Amazing pics! I really like the first one! It is sad what is happening to all the rural land all across the country. I see it happening, not just in the large cities, but in smaller towns too.


i could use a nice stroll down that tree lined road right about now.

good luck with all your duties.

(i say duties all the time since watching Nacho Libre)

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