slow down slow down slow down!
Why is it

Slipcover? Check.

We've come a long way, baby.  You were like one of those poor girls on What not to Wear, with your vintage 80's faux impressionist chintz and worn spots.  Stacy, contorting her face with a grimace, and Clinton, rolling his eyes at the folks off-camera.  You've got great curves, you're just not wearing the right clothes...

But you were a diamond in the rough.  A $32 diamond.  On sale.  And I wasn't sure if there was room for you in my house, but I needed you.  You were my little project. And girlfriend, we did ok.

Done at last.  Done at last.

We're done.   It's been a swell adventure; one that reminded me why I don't attempt this every day.  But worth it all the same.  Look at you!  You're strutting!  You know you look good.

Alt view: slipcover

Are you going to keep this up?  Can you?  Now that you know about hemlines and flattering your figure, playing up your assets?  You will?  OK, good.  Because sister here isn't making you a new dress for a while.  [roll credits]

                                  * * * * * *

I made the monogram pillow for my sister months ago.  She keeps forgetting to take it home with her, so maybe I should starting spelling my name with a K and claim it as my own.  Because I'm liking it with the blue AB print. There's another project, I suppose.


I'm excited to move on to new projects.  Dresses for Fidget?  For me?  Should I tackle my growing stack of vintage linens? 

Maybe a few poolside cocktails in Arizona will help me decide.   Oh, yes. 
T-minus two days.  Yeeehaw!


Lacey W.

She came out perfect! Ahh what a $32 gem. Also-I appreciate that you refer to inanimate objects as though they have feelings! I once had a toaster in college who I named Oscar. He was, ya know- it only made sense!


It looks great Chris! I personally like it simple with just the blue pillow. It all just pops! Good for you for getting it done!


Okay love. You MUST teach me how to do this. I picked up a chair for Keegan's room last week that is dying for a makeover. Please help me!!!

Looks fabulous!!!

Michelle Whitley

You are one talented lady! I LOVE that slipcover, so much better than the ones that slip and slide all around. Kudos!



Ah, it's gorgeous! Well done.


Seriously impressive. Design magazine impressive.


Oh, she's looking MORE than fine! And you need one of those initial cushions for yourself.

Don't you just love it when a plan comes together?


aw, K for kirsten! no?

she looks awesome, you did great.


Hey, my name starts with a K, too. I'll fight Kirsten for it. LOL.

The girl looks great. You did a rockin' good job!

Have fun in Arizona. :o)


Awesome! You did a seriously great job!

julie thompson

Doing my best Stacy here..."Shut Up!".


she is gorgeous! as are the pillows. way to go, chris!


And I looked for that vintage pattern and of course it was not where I thought it should be, but I'll keep looking.....
Cheers! L

Alicia A.

SO fabulous! Clinton and Stacy would be proud.


she's seriously gorgeous! do I dare say that I prefer the view with just the fab pillow in blue? I luv it.


Love it........and your talent!


ooooooooo, that looks so good! Great Job! Oh how I wish I were going on vacation. I need a vacation.


Wow! You did it. I love the colors. They will look great in your front room. Guess we will have to hang out in there now! Can't wait for AZ!! See you tomorrow.


I am dying! That is fabulous! Truly fabulous, gorgeous and beautiful. I LOVE it! Seriously!!

You did a fantastic job. I'm very impressed. I don't know if I have patience for projects like that.

And a great price, too.

Jen b

It's perfect!!!


From "hippy-dippy-trippy" to absolutely fabulous! Your girl looks amazing, you must be so proud! I love it!


it looks perfect! shut UP!! and you better bring back lots of pics and cocktails for the rest of us!

Melissa @ Breath of Life

Absolutely stunning! And I love the pillows, too! You are one talented chica!


gorgeous!! i am so impressed. just lovely with the cushion & all!

Joanne (The Simple Wife)

As Stacy would say, SHUT UP! It's fabulous!


You did such a fantastic job on this!!


Fantastic job! You are super talented my friend, :)

pretty momma

i love it my yellowbelle!!! she is the perfect piece for your "girlie room". can't wait to see what you do next and i hope u r having fun! love, pretty momma


It looks amazing! I am SO impressed!!!


Beautifully Done!

Niesz Vintage Home

I'm so glad you rescued it.
It is a true gift to be able to see the potential in other people's cast-offs.

Great job!
Kimberly :)


Wow, I'm impressed! My mom slipcovered a HUGE sofa of mine a couple of years ago and declared, "never again!" What type of fabric did you use? Cotton? Linen?


Wow, I'm impressed! My mom slipcovered a HUGE sofa of mine a couple of years ago and declared, "never again!" What type of fabric did you use? Cotton? Linen?

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