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I love Kansas City.

Last Thursday I took my eldest out of school early for a mother-daughter day at the plaza for lunch and a matinee.  I had surprised her with Wicked tickets for her birthday last month.  (I saw it on Broadway a couple years back with the original cast {WOW}.  Really couldn't wait to see it again.)

So we started the day off at the Cheesecake Factory on the Plaza for lunch. (Chinese Chicken Salad, YUM)



How I love the Plaza. It was the nation's first suburban shopping district.  And it's just gorgeous.  It is, without a doubt, one of my favorite things about Kansas City.  At Christmas there are millions of lights tracing every nook and cranny of the spectacular architecture.  Like out of a fairy tale.  Not bad for a town that most people associate with corn fields, tornados and ruby slippers. 


Oh yes, the ruby slippers.  How was Wicked?  Magical.  :)  The music always gets me.  When the Glinda and Elpheba sing 'Because I Knew You' at the end, I cry.  It's really that good. 

I snuck the photo of the theatre and got scolded.  But I got it.  Ha.


It's a dark story, but the musical adaptation is much lighter than the book.  Laced with political and social allegory, Wicked is a sharp commentary that most children won't understand, but the musical numbers are nonstop and delightful.  My daughter is 12 and we talked a bit about it afterward.  I don't know how much of 'it' she 'got', but she definitely 'got' some parts. When we saw it in New York, my husband really didn't expect to enjoy a musical.  And he was blown away by the show.  I could go on and on about the brilliant writing... lines so carefully and artfully crafted... Ack.  Love it.  So yes, see it if you can!

(FWIW: The tour's Glinda, Katie Rose Clarke, is totally different than Kristen Chenoweth's Broadway character.  This one is more like a cross between SNL's Mary Katherine Gallagher skit played by Amy Poehler.  Strange.  Funny, but strange.  KC wasn't nearly as spastic.  If you're curious about the characters, there is an interesting video on the official website.  Choose 'characters' -- the interviews are not from the touring group, but you definitely get a feel for who the characters are.)

Also, I got my Vintage Apron Swap package from Julie yesterday.  Sweet Cracker Sandwiches!  That girl knows how to make a girl feel special.  Photos forthcoming.  Fidget wanted to wear my new-to-me pretty PINK (geez, hon, how'd ya know?) vintage apron as a dress last night.  So it was tricky to get a decent shot. 

Happy Thursday!  :)

Why is it

that you need a vacation to recover from vacation?

Back from Arizona

I got back two nights ago around 1 am.  Arizona is so stark and beautiful.  And lush.  Is that possible?  To be dry and stark and severe and ... lush??  hmph.

Yesterday was a bit of a blur.  Today I am rested, but so far behind.  Work, housekeeping, groceries, unreturned calls and emails...

gritty and wet.

At some point I am sure it will all settle back down.  (Much like when you change the water in a fish tank and even though you know it's cleaner and refreshed, it still looks cloudy for a day or so.)

spent buds.

Anyway, I've got lots to share.  Lots.  Like I said, I'm behind.  But I'm trying to right myself and get back on track before I settle down to my daily rounds in blogland and flickr.  I've dabbled here and there and -- oh my -- is there ever a lot of fun stuff going on.  It can overwhelm a girl.  I'm looking at at my unread bloglines numbers and they kind of freak me out. 

i don't know what this is.  Pretty, though.

I took almost 400 photos during our stay.  The harsh sunlight was a challenge.  Fun, though.

Slipcover? Check.

We've come a long way, baby.  You were like one of those poor girls on What not to Wear, with your vintage 80's faux impressionist chintz and worn spots.  Stacy, contorting her face with a grimace, and Clinton, rolling his eyes at the folks off-camera.  You've got great curves, you're just not wearing the right clothes...

But you were a diamond in the rough.  A $32 diamond.  On sale.  And I wasn't sure if there was room for you in my house, but I needed you.  You were my little project. And girlfriend, we did ok.

Done at last.  Done at last.

We're done.   It's been a swell adventure; one that reminded me why I don't attempt this every day.  But worth it all the same.  Look at you!  You're strutting!  You know you look good.

Alt view: slipcover

Are you going to keep this up?  Can you?  Now that you know about hemlines and flattering your figure, playing up your assets?  You will?  OK, good.  Because sister here isn't making you a new dress for a while.  [roll credits]

                                  * * * * * *

I made the monogram pillow for my sister months ago.  She keeps forgetting to take it home with her, so maybe I should starting spelling my name with a K and claim it as my own.  Because I'm liking it with the blue AB print. There's another project, I suppose.


I'm excited to move on to new projects.  Dresses for Fidget?  For me?  Should I tackle my growing stack of vintage linens? 

Maybe a few poolside cocktails in Arizona will help me decide.   Oh, yes. 
T-minus two days.  Yeeehaw!

slow down slow down slow down!

driving by another farm

Twenty five minutes south of downtown Kansas City. 

I am so lucky to live here.  This is the stuff I see every morning.   Like, on the way to the store.  And preschool.  And the orthodontist's office.  And I think to myself, one of these days I'm going to just park at one end of this long road and walk the whole thing with my camera and take some wonderful shots.  Because some day this will all be built up with subdivisions and no trees and no fences and no horses and we will talk about how these used to be horses and barns and fences and huge pastures and....

Well, I haven't done that yet.  We went to the KC zoo yesterday and on the way I snapped these from behind the glass windows of the car.  And even though the conditions were sub-prime, you get the idea.  In this country of suburbs and urban chaos and traffic and 4 lane highways, there is still a lot of this.

And me, with my camera pressed to my face, asking telling hubs in the most patient voice to slowdownslowdownslowdownslowdownslowdown! 


We're headed out of town at the end of this week for an annual trip to Arizona.  Which also means there is just a ton of work to do before I go.  Office work, house work, and stuff that should have gotten done weeks ago, but must now get done because family is coming to stay with the kids so we can go play.

Hopefully the planets will align and I will get It all done before Thursday.  If not, that sound you might hear in the background is just me, in my most patient voice, asking the world to slow down


Here's to a good and very productive week.  :)


Local gals, won't you join me in a *yawn*?

weather radio

We were up most of the night, huddled in the basement playroom, listening to the weather radio.  Fidget was thrilled to stay up late and party.  Her big sis huddled in a corner most of the night; she has horrible panic attacks during tornado and storm warnings like this.  The weather radio we got for Christmas made an appearance, and was pretty cool.  I don't like how loud the 'whoop whoop' can be though.  If it weren't Friday, we'd all still be in bed.

I had planned to share some cool thrift stuff today, but that might take more effort than I can allot for blogging.  I think I'm going to go make some more coffee.

Before I forget, I went shopping the other day and I can't wait for these to show up on my doorstop:

  1. Little sparrows from yumiyumi
  2. Ranunculus print from jen causey/photobird
  3. vintage mikasa salt and pepper shakers and a dress pattern from Candace

I told hubs the other day that I am going to replace all of the would-be stand-in art in our house with stuff I love.  When we bought it, I had this need to fill-'er-up, but now I'd rather take stuff down and wait for the perfect pieces to find me.  I was lucky to win this photo from Rachel a while ago, and I do love it but I haven't bought a frame yet. I want to hang that one in my kitchen, once we have painted over the red.  And my custom Noticing Project dip came, too... and they're lovely.  Not sure where that duo is going, but the colors are striking.  :)

Happy Friday, everyone.  The coffee is ready and I need another cup.  *yawn*

Thursday + fading blooms

Looks like there won't too many more cherry tree photos...

the window in my sewing room

The blooms are falling.  And it's pretty gusty today, so who knows how many will be left by tomorrow.

petal love.

All the petals are taking cover on my front doorstep.  It's pretty.  I took a million photos of them and they're all so pretty that I can't decide which one I like best.  But I messed around with this on in Photoshop and it's kind of fun.  The others are at flickr.

vintage ironing board(Know what I have been doing this week?  Extending the hems of six 84"curtain panels to 90".  That's it.  They're for the basement media man den space.  I hate doing curtains.  And these particular ones kind of shredded and slipped around on the machine, like a masculine version of bridal satin.  Ack.  It wasn't fun.  They are not pretty or exciting, but they are done.  And now?  Now I have to hang them.  And you're not going to see photos of that either.  I'm not even sure why even I told you about them.  Who the heck wants to read about that???)

Oh and I thrifted today.  I hit a mother-lode of discarded embroidery.  And a slim wooden ironing board that makes me so happy for reasons I can't yet understand.